Thursday Prospect Ramblings – January 15, 2015

Dean Youngblood


Connor McDavid is an alright player, David Pastrnak re-energizes the Bruins and some buy-low prospect options on the Florida Panthers….


Thursday, January 15th



With ramblings becoming a more frequent highlight here at DobberProspects, be sure you continue to check back often to supplement the awesome information you received in the Mid-Season guide with ongoing opinions and observations from our talented DP team of writers. As Austin mentioned in his Monday ramblings, we are aiming to churn out ramblings every Monday (from Austin) and Thursday (from myself)…give or take a few hours here or there.




How about this David Pastrnak kid? Talk about a timely injection of energy into a Bruins lineup desperately needing a jump start. With four goals in his last two games, Boston is starting to roll and it’s clear that most of that has been the direct result of Pastrnak. While the young Czech forward entered the WJC fairly hot from a strong AHL rookie start, he took a bit of time to get going in Toronto for the Czech team. He wasn’t nearly as dominant as I thought he might be from the start to the end of the WJCs but he certainly flashed his high-end game-breaking skill.


He was outstanding in his game against the Tampa Bay Lightning the other night chipping in with two goals and seven shots on goals, in over 17 minutes of icetime playing on a line with Krejci. The two Czech forwards showed fantastic chemistry and it’s just one reason he should be scooped up in all formats.

I messaged a buddy of mine in my keeper league the other day recommending that he add Pastrnak and then he goes out and explodes onto the scene. Sometimes I’m just too nice. I should’ve scooped him up myself.




As soon as news hit Twitter about William Nylander being released from Modo to come to Toronto, I was hit with mixed emotions. Of course, as a quiet Leafs fan, I was excited about getting him onto North American ice and maybe getting into a few games. On the other hand, after watching him play live over the course of the World Juniors, I knew that he’s not quite ready for the NHL full-time. Sure, I am sure Nylander, like Pastrnak, would give the Leafs an energy boost and maybe help their offense that dried up, but I witnessed too much uninvolvement in Nylander’s game to believe he’d make a long impact this season. Nylander could be one of the most skilled forwards playing outside of the NHL but his compete level needs to be elevated substantially. When he eventually arrives with the big club, he can’t be floating around picking his spots to become active. It just doesn’t work and the Toronto media will eat him alive before his career even gets started. Yes, Nylander’s speed, puck creativity and one-on-one abilities can create chances at will but until he commits to playing at 100% every shift, I’m leery about bringing him into the lineup full-time.


Max Domi was a similar player last season but has since ramped up his urgency and compete. Nylander needs to take a similar step.




Turning to the Florida Panthers, it’s good to finally see Jonathan Huberdeau find some chemistry in his game. With six points