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Jonathan Blum, D

Shoots: R

Height: 6-1

Weight: 187

Born: 01-30-1989

Hometown: Ranch Santa Margarita, California, USA

Drafted: 2007 by the Nashville Predators, 23rd overall


January 2015 – Assertiveness and terrific mobility to boot, Blum is a welcomed insurance policy for the Minnesota Wild should a key fulltime contributor to their blueline gets injured and a call up is warranted. Blum has an uncanny knack for knowing where he ought to be and what needs to be done while on the fly. His ability to accomplish the latter at the NHL level remains to be seen. If he can get to the next level and stay, fantasy pundits will grow to appreciate him given his affinity to play like a fourth forward on the ice. That is, contingent that they can sustain the hit that comes with his plus/minus ratio. Edric Joseph


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Fantasy Outlook: C-

Has something to offer the wild, could get lost in the NHL folds due to his difficulties standing out despite good wheels and skills to spark a club’s offense. Has the tools but but still has trouble playing up to his abilities at the AHL level at times, making it tough to justify a long term call up from Iowa. Blum’s seven years removed from his NHL entry draft and still hasn’t been able to establish himself in the NHL.



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