Fantasy Summary

Undersized but athletic and composed netminder. Has the talent to compete at the top level but his lack of size may prove difficult to overcome.


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July 2022 – Hävelid was not chosen in the 2022 NHL Draft. Nick Richard

June 2022 – It’s been a huge year for Hävelid. Posting a .920 and .925 in Sweden’s U20 regular season and playoffs, respectively, earned him the honor of the league’s top goaltender. His .929 in the U-18 World Championships was the best of any goaltender and was good enough for a gold medal along with the tournament’s top goaltender distinction. None of that comes down to luck. Hävelid is a very talented goaltender, arguably the best in his age group right now. However, despite it sometimes being viewed as an evaluation crutch for scouts, the reality of goaltending is that size plays a significant role in the position. Not that it can’t be overcome, but for a 5-10 goaltender like Hävelid, a lot will have to go right for him to play at the NHL level.

The strength of Hävelid’s game is in his control. Despite his smaller frame, he can travel effectively into position. This is an aspect of his game that I saw marked improv