Team: Calle Rosen
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Strong puck-mover with pro experience


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May 2021 – Rosen spent the entirety of 2020-21 in the AHL, and the 27-year-old’s chances of returning to the Maple Leafs lineup are slim-to-none. He his playing more AHL minutes than ever and occasionally sported an “A” as a veteran on the club, but his lack of physicality and constant pursuit of high-risk passing plays makes him less fit for depth NHL duties than players with a longer track record. His puck-handling and passing vision are still strong and he doesn’t struggle to keep up – he should have no trouble finding a home in the AHL as his current contract now expires. He will likely appear in NHL training camp wherever he lands next, but he is unlikely to be high on the ladder even on teams lacking depth. Hayden Soboleski

January 2021 – Rosen has been waived following Maple Leafs training camp and appears to be AHL-bound for 2020-21. Unfortunately his solid offensive production in the AHL hasn’t been enough to earn an NHL look. He is a replacement-level 6th or 7th defender who will put up points if given the chance, but these days depth defensive roles are given to either veteran presences or younger prospects getting their feet wet. As a soon-to-be 27-year-old with minimal NHL experience he is unlikely to get it now, especially on a deep blueline like Toronto’s.  Hayden Soboleski

March 2020 – Almost immediately after his return to the organization, Rosen was called up to the Maple Leafs as an injury replacement. He has just one point and two SOG in three games played with the new (old) team, but he certainly passes the eye test in his limited minutes. He is comfortable with the puck on his stick and is usually in the right place to receive or make pass out of the defensive zone. Given his cheap deal he will likely be back in the mix in 20