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Nimble skater and proven scoring winger


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November 2018 – To no one’s surprise, Johnsson has been promoted to the NHL following his breakout AHL campaign. He has been a healthy scratch on occasion, but he has picked up his game and settled into a full-time spot on the wing, mainly on the 3rd line where he sees just under 12 minutes TOI per night. His 9 points in 22 games so far is a fair pace for his ice time, but has the potential to skyrocket if he sees top-six opportunities. Hayden Soboleski


June 2018 – Johnson was dominant in the AHL playoffs helping the Marlies win the Calder Cup. Johnson was late arriving to the Calder Cup playoffs as he was with the Leafs to end the season. The Marlies benefited from the leafs going out in the first round of this year’s playoffs. With the Leafs, Johnson played limited minutes on the fourth line. Johnson had two goals and one assist in nine games. In the playoffs Johnson added another goal and an assist in six games. He then joined the Marlies and never looked back. He went on to win the most valuable player in the Calder Cup playoffs with 10 goals and 14 assists in 16 games. This goes nicely with his 26 goals and 28 assists for 54 points in 54 games. Clearly Andreas Johnson will be a solid contender to join the Leafs full time next season. Brian Harling


March 2018 – Johnsso