Prospect Ramblings: Jarvis Settling in with the Canes, Norlinder Sent Down

Hadi Kalakeche


Welcome to my ramblings, where I’ll be writing down my thoughts on NHL and draft-eligible prospects once a week. I’ll be using the ramblings to keep you posted on the week’s events, and let you in on some questions I ask myself often regarding prospects, amateur scouting and player development.

This week, I wanted to provide a couple of updates on NHL prospects that have recently made their first steps in the big show. With the World Junior Championship right around the corner, expect the content to gravitate towards that event in the upcoming weeks, but in the meantime there’s still a lot going on around the NHL, so let’s get right into it.

Seth Jarvis: Here To Stay

When the 2021-2022 NHL season began, Jarvis had remained an extra forward in the team’s depth chart for a good chunk of games, seeing his debut arrive on October 31st against the Arizona Coyotes. After earning two points in his first two games and playing with a tremendous amount of smarts, skill and pace, it was becoming less and less justifiable to return the winger to the press box.

Despite going through a four-game dry spell right after, the Canes’ trust in Jarvis grew more evident with each passing period; in his fourth pointless game in a row, his ice-time even rose to a career-high 18:43, and he followed that night up with three consecutive games with a goal, and seven points in his last ten starts.

In the midst of his dry spell, the Canes maintained the right to return him to the WHL (Jarvis played nine AHL games last year, which is below the minimum 20 games required to be AHL-eligible as a 19-year-old) and avoid burning a year of his contract, but the prospect has cemented his place in the team’s top-nine, and doesn’t seem anywhere near a relegation to the junior level. He has forced the hand of a team with more than enough manpower to avoid