Prospect Ramblings: Caldernomics

Michael Kosciesza


If you’re not a football fan you missed an all-time clip from Sunday afternoon. Aaron Rodgers had all of the city of Chicago on bated breath hoping he would finally get traded from the Green Bay Packers this offseason but alas he returned to continue to dominate against them. This Sunday though? The Bears have a new exciting young Quarterback named Justin Fields and Khalil Mack on defence, could it be different? Nay. He let them know. 

This hilarious bit of content got me thinking about ownership in fantasy hockey among prospects. The thing I will preface this article is that not every league prospect players should be owned so when I say “this guy is pretty low and should be on your radar, I mean in dynasty or deep leagues. I’m not talking about your 6-8 team single-season work league. So let’s look at prospects and their own percentage in Yahoo. Prospects under 25% are sleepers for non-dynasty leagues but generally, anyone who carries almost any ownership in Yahoo is likely no longer a sleeper and owned in your 30 player dynasty league (ex Anton Lundell at 2%)

There is some good value around the league, such good value in fact I decided to perform my own form of Dobbernomics with each player’s ownership percentage. Five teams equalling within three points of 100%. A forward, a defenseman, a goalie and a utility. For fun, I’ll see which team improves its own percentage highest above 100% or falls the lowest below their original standing.


Team 1 (100%)

F – Zegras (45%)

D – Seider (25%)

G – Hill (26%)

U – Pinto (4%)

Team 2 (98%)

F – Caufield (87%)

D – Lundkvist (2%)

G- Vladar (1%)

U- Podkolzin (8%)

Team 3 (97%)

F – Kaliyev (2%)

D – Bouchard (8%)

G – Knight (79%)

U – Raymond  (8%)

Team 4 (97%)

F –