Draft Diaries with Logan Stankoven: My WHL Season and the U18s

Jeff Rea


Feature image courtesy of Andrew Armstrong


I got in six games with Kamloops and eight at the U18s, including the exhibition game. That’s fourteen games total this season.



Team-wise, we didn’t really know what to expect. 


We felt we had a young team this year, in Kamloops. We had a couple of good returning guys, like Zary and Centazzo. Onyebuchi on the back end. Me and Bankier were returning as well, besides that though we were one of the teams that had the most rookies in the league. 


We didn’t expect to win a bunch of games. But for the short stint that I had, you could just tell that those younger guys coming up really knew what the league was about. We learn from each other, that was the biggest thing. We made sure that we were prepared for the season. 


Some guys come into the WHL and know it’s gonna be a fast league, but once they hit the ice that’s when they really find out how fast it is, how quickly things can happen, and how skilled you have to be to have success in the league. I tried to really help out the younger guys so that they could all do a job and contribute to our team.


Giants 7-3 W (one goal, one assist, GWG)

We scored just off the bat. I wasn’t playing with Zary and Centazzo to start the game, I was put on the right wing for that first shift, to get some energy going. The puck dropped and we went into our zone. We chipped it out and I ended up grabbing the puck, coming into their zone, and dropped it off to Zary. Zary went back-door and found Onyebuchi. It was 31 seconds into the season. It was a good start for us.