Prospect Ramblings: WJC Updates – Team Canada, USA, Sweden and Slovakia

Dave Hall


Welcome back for another edition of the Tuesday ramblings.

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Speaking of WJC, we are just over two weeks out from the most anticipated tournament of the year.

As of today, all teams have been tested and are currently in their own “bubbles”, and unfortunately, anyone who had tested positive before the cut-off date will no longer be eligible to participate (which I will touch on below).

This will bring us to Sunday, where all 10 teams are expected to “check-in” to the bubble in Edmonton – and then the fun begins.

Here is the great Bob Mackenzie to summarize how the entry will work:

Now, here are some of the big-ticket news items from this past weekend. Unfortunately, none of them are positive but certainly change the makeup of all the teams involved.

Team Canada

Of course, the major news came weeks ago, when the team was forced to halt their training camp and quarantine for the allotted 14 days. That timeframe is now up, and the team is awaiting the official word from Hockey Canada and Alberta Health to resume camp, which could be as early as Tuesday, December 8th.


Alexis Lafreniere – While the news shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, the New York Rangers provided an update on the status of Lafreniere, confirming that they will not be lending out their most recent number-one draftee. 

No, the news does not come as a shock, but it does serve as a huge blow for the team in general, as he brings an irreplaceable presence to the line-up. However, for him, there are far bigger and far more important fish to fry. With the league inching closer to a potential start date (sort of?), this allows the budding star to prepare, both mentally and physically, before his inaugural and much anticipated NHL debut season. It can assumed that if and when camp is announced, it will likely be a shortened timeframe, allowing little-to-no exhibition action to get ready for regular-season action.

Also, after 297 points and a whole wack of impressive accolades through three years at the junior level, two tournaments as a member of Team Canada, and a Gold Medal to boot, it is safe to say that the kid has gotten everything he could at the Junior level, anyway.

Good luck to him, and I hope you were lucky enough to snag him on your fantasy rosters.

Team USA

The States were also delivered a massive blow over the weekend, confirming that three of their players will not be allowed to participate, due to recent COVID-19 exposures.