Prospect Ramblings: Translated Rookie Point Production – Eastern Conference

Dave Hall


Welcome back for another edition of the Tuesday ramblings.

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Last week, I had some fun using Dobber’s Frozen Tools “NHLe Calculator” to bring up some translated stats for various prospects. Taking their point totals from last season, the report calculates a translatable number, which differs depending on the league in which they posted those totals. It is a fun tool to play around with while you are in the middle of draft preparations.

If you missed it, here were my thoughts on the Western Conference. Today, I will be going through the Eastern Conference, choosing prospects who I believe hold a chance at cracking a roster spot. I will also provide a brief over/under on whether I think they will hit their projected numbers or not. 

*I have tried my best to use prospect who have yet to suit up for more than three games with the club, which means not all of the names will be the “obvious” choice*

Boston Bruins

Player: Jack Studnicka
League: AHL     Team: Providence Bruins
Points: 49          Games: 60
NHL Translation: 33
Over/Under: Under

I’m going to go ahead and give Studnicka the under on this one. Sure, he is a consistent point-producer, a headache for opponents, and likely their best prospect upfront, however, his short term deployment should hinder his end of day production. Boston is heavily tilted towards the top of the lineup, and I don’t see him sliding up anytime soon. He is certainly worthy of hitting that threshold in the long-term, but for now, I’m capping him just under the 33 point mark. 

Buffalo Sabres

Player: Dylan Cozens
League: WHL     Team: Lethbridge Hurricanes
Points: 85           Games: 51
NHL Translation: 41
Over/Under: Under

This is not easy for me to admit, but there is a strong chance that Cozens finishes under the said total. By a hair, I might add. I am personally very bullish on Cozens, and strongly believe that he is ready to take on NHL duties, and even creep into the club’s top-six (probably on the wing). However, to keep expectations realistic, it is likely that he blends in somewhere among their middle-six. Let’s say 40 points, w