Prospect Ramblings: Retro Jerseys, Michigan’s Freshman Crop and Buy Low Prospects

Dave Hall


Welcome back for another edition of the Tuesday ramblings.

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I suppose that I will start by mentioning the new Reverse Retro NHL jerseys. Over the past few days, the NHL had been teasing them, dropping Twitter fed clues along the way, knowing full-well that we as hockey fans were desperate for anything related to hockey news. Finally, the big reveal occurred on Monday morning, and well, they were fine…

Even though I love a good ol’ throwback jersey, I have some reservations with about 80% of the entire line. Just for kicks, here are my winners and losers.

First, here is the entire showcase:



  1. LA Kings – This is just a great looking jersey. I enjoy that they went back to the old logo, it’s a nice mix.
  2. St.Louis Blues – How can you not like the old school red and blue look. They wore these last year, and they looked very slick.
  3. Caroline Hurricanes – They have received some criticism online, as they are technically not the “Whalers”. But it’s hard not to love the jersey. I would love for this sweater to become worn on a full-time basis and will gladly be adding this to my Christmas list.
  4. Colorado Avalanche – While I am not overly happy with their decision to veer away from the original blue, you cannot argue the overall look of the throwback Norqiues kit.
  5. Tampa Bay – While it does not seem like it was that long ago since we saw them in these uniforms, I still love the look and would not be upset to see them revert on a full-time basis. 


  1. Anaheim Ducks – I wish they would have gone for the tried and true look – the masked duck. Save yourself the time and go with the obvious choice!
  2. Calgary Flames – It seems like the Flames have made it their off-season goal to mimic the Vancouver Canucks, and now they have officially made the complete transformation. 
  3. Winnipeg Jets – Not much to say about this one. I am not quite sure where the inspiration came from.
  4. Detroit Red Wings – It looks like the Red Wings have decided to bring out their practice jersey as a “retro”. Creative.
  5. New York Islanders – Finally, we have the Islanders, who clearly missed the memo. Aside from a darker shade of blue, maybe? I cannot tell if anything has changed. The Fisherman would have been a welcomed addition