Prospect Ramblings: NCAA Returns and Karjala Cup Performers

Dave Hall


Thanks for joining me for Tuesday’s Prospect Ramblings. 

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out our November 31-in-31 series here at Dobberprospects. Each day is filled with draft recaps, off-season transactions, and more. Today happens to be the day my Columbus Blue Jackets segment dropped, so, check that it out if you feel inclined.


To kick things off, I thought I would share a video:

That’s right, folks. Hockey is slowly returning, and next up on the list is the NCAA, which kicks off this weekend. Whether you are a fan of the Collegiate level or not, any hockey that is televised takes precedent right now. In fact, this could prove to be a huge pull for USA hockey, as this should entice a greater audience, including many Canadian viewers, who otherwise live-and-die by the CHL. Which, believe me, is definitely a thing.

Up until recently, it was quite rare for a Canadian to make the move across the border to play hockey, let alone watch it televised. Partly due to the culture change, but also the exposure. While I personally believe in the College route and think the opportunity to gain an education is the obvious choice, I do recall players/friends feeling reluctant to play anywhere other than the CHL, in fear that they may not get noticed. This, of course, was quite some time ago, and the game has grown ten-fold. Regardless, being one of the only North American hockey avenues at the moment, they are sure to gain some traction.

So far, this is shaping up to be an exciting season. There may not be any fans in the buildings, but there is certainly no shortage of t