Prospect Ramblings: Prospects owned under 10% on Fantrax

Pat Quinn




Welcome to the Thursday Prospect Ramblings. This week I dove deeper into Fantrax ownership to find prospects owned under 10%. Let me tell you dear reader, the percentage’s go from 10% to 7%, then have 4%, and then goes to zero percent. There are really no players to own in zero percent, so I was surprised 4% is the lowest percentage.


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Henry Thrun, D (ANA); 7% ownership

Thrun is an underrated commodity in the prospect community. He was routinely overshadowed in 2019-2020 with Rathbone and Walsh getting more love at Harvard. He may not explode the doors off of the NHL and quarterback a powerplay, but he skates and thinks the game very well. He slipped to the fourth round for Anaheim a notoriously great drafting team


Peter Cehlarik, F (BOS); 7% ownership

Signing in the SHL until 2021-2022 as he was critical of his use in the NHL should not shut the door on his NHL career. He was not given the best NHL shot attempting to play on a deep Bruins squad after routinely playing well in the AHL. He may be gone for a short time but if his rights get traded, or he is welcomed back in Boston, be ready to add him on to your fantasy teams’ bench. If you can wait two years and you have room on your bench, he would be a good add if you are willing to take the risk.


Glenn Gawdin, F (CGY); 7% ownership

Speaking of flying under the radar, how is Gawdin just owned in 7% of leagues? Do people not notice that he just keeps getting better. He is obviously not the most complete player but his playmaking skills are very good. He is on the older side at 23, but he would add to the Flames attack if they could fit him in to the top nine.


Mason Shaw, F and Dmitri Sokolov, F (MIN); 7% ownership

Poor Mason Shaw and going from one major knee injurie to the next. His skill is undeniable but he needs to stay healthy to make the NHL. He also needs to add speed and be more elusive, but knee injuries can take that away. I really hope he recovers and can one day step in to the NHL. Remember to watch him

Sokolov has the shot and the skill for the NHL but many are always concerned about his commitment to competing and fitness. I believe he has taken that all seri