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Welcome to the Thursday Prospect Ramblings which is the last in my series looking at drafting over the past decade out of certain leagues. I will wrap up looking at Finland, and let me tell you I swear I saw more players drafted out of this league but was wrong so the success rates are obviously somewhat inflated or deflated depending on the number of players drafted per year/round.


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There was a total of 107 players drafted out of leagues in Finland. Using my metrics, the leagues had a success rate of 50.47% but averaging it out over the decade brought that number to 42.33%, which is likely much closer to the real mark.


The pattern out of Finland is that the number of players drafted out of the leagues there increased from the lows in 2008-2010, the slight increase from 2011-2014, and then an increase from 2015-2018 with the four largest years.




Then the most players were drafted out of the leagues in Finland in 2019




The success rate is an increase but the numbers are tough to trust as there just are not a lot of players drafted per year. However, from 2008-2013 the success rate is lower than the 2013-2018 period. The reason for the second half is two-fold. On one hand Finland has worked on development and there is more scouting in Europe, and on the other hand are my assumptions that players could still become something in the NHL because they are still a good prospect for the team




I decided to put the average per year as a line on the graph to see, and the design is great (I just wish I thought of it sooner)




Now for the players drafted per round from 2008 to 2018, which is quite even. Except round three, no one likes round three




Then if you add on the 2019 picks




The success rate almost mirrors how the historical round by round picks go, except round three thanks to three of the ten players working out. Round three was inflated due to a low number of picks. I also think that if you were to just shave 20% off of each number (40% for round three) it would be quite similar to the overall pick selection




It is neat how all 14 of the players drafted out of the leagues in Finland for round one worked out, a success rate of 100%





That is all for this series, I hope you enjoyed!


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Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Ilya Nabokov 6.5 5.0
Pavel Moysevich 6.0 3.0
Max Plante 7.5 4.5
Jack Pridham 6.0 7.0
Brodie Ziemer 6.5 7.0
Matvei Gridin 8.5 6.5
Dean Letourneau 6.5 7.5
Kamil Bednarik 6.0 8.0
Cole Hutson 9.0 6.0
Luke Osburn 5.5 7.0