DobberProspects’ Preliminary 2021 NHL Draft Rankings

Jokke Nevalainen


Image courtesy of Andrew Armstrong


Usually around this time of the year, the current year’s NHL Entry Draft would have happened over a month ago and scouts would have moved on from it. This is also the time when the Hlinka Gretzky Cup usually starts the new scouting season. But this is not a normal year. The 2020 NHL Entry Draft is scheduled for October, and the Hlinka Gretzky Cup (like all other fall tournaments) is cancelled.


But regardless of all that, it’s time to start looking towards the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. It will be the first draft with the Seattle Kraken included, so that means 32 teams drafting each round. Summer camps in Europe have started, and the European leagues will be starting their regular seasons in September or October for the most part. The North American leagues may not start until December but we felt it’s our duty to put together the preliminary 2021 NHL Draft Rankings before the new seasons start anywhere.


Our partnership with InStat Hockey has taken our scouting to a whole new level by giving us new ways to our scouting efforts. These rankings are mostly based on everyone’s draft minus-one seasons which is why they will change a lot throughout the season because the actual draft season is always more important. This is how we rank these prospects at this point of the time but we know our rankings won’t look the same in six months because they never do.


Here’s the full DobberProspects scouting team:


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A shout-out to Andrew Armstrong who designed the main picture for this article.


Without further ado, let’s get to the rankings. Here’s our top-32 with short blurbs for each of them. After that, you can find our full top-64 rankings with player details.




  1. Aatu Räty, C | FIN | 6-1, 181 lbs



Jokke Nevalainen: Räty earns the top spot at the start of the season despite a disappointing draft-1 season. Consistency has been a big issue for him. At his best, he’s shown he can be a big-time impact player at the men’s level at age 17. But at his worst, he’s invisible against junior players. Regardless of that, he’s proven to have all the tools to become a play-driving No. 1 center who plays in all situations. He’s a great skater who can make plays and score goals but also doesn’t leak defensively. He’s an older player for this draft class but he has already played some games at the Liiga level and at the World Juniors with good results. He’s definitely not a lock to go first overall but we felt he was the best option available right now. He’s expected to be a full-time Liiga player this upcoming season, and he needs a big season to maintain the top spot. No Finn has ever been drafted first overall. Could Räty become the first one?


  1. Brandt Clarke, RHD | CAN | 6-1, 181 lbs



Jacob Barker: After a mediocre first half of his rookie campaign in the OHL, a coaching change by the Colts saw Clarke turn into a play-driving, near point per game producer. Clarke boasts incredible offensive instincts and puck skills, which are complemented by his strong defensive play and skating ability. Despite his game still having tons of maturing to do, there’s no denying that Clarke possesses all the necessary tools to be an elite offensive defenseman in the NHL.

  1. Carson Lambos, LHD | CAN | 6-1, 201 lbs



Tony Ferrari: One of the most physically gifted players in the 2021 draft class, Lambos has a real shot at taking the top spot in the 2021 draft. He has the size, speed, and strength combination that you look for in a number one defenseman and he still has an element of rawness and some physical maturity to come. His defensive game is mature beyond its years, with the ability to defend positionally or engage physically. His transition game is strong, coming at defenders like a freight train at times as he attacks the slot on the rush. There is room to grow in the offensive zone as he needs to be a bit more aggressive at times but the young Winnipeg ICE defender played top minutes as a rookie in the WHL last year and likely gets an even bigger role this year.


  1. Owen Power, LHD | CAN | 6-5, 209 lbs



Clare McManus: He is an excellent skater and puck mover, especially for his size standing at 6’5”. For a tall defenseman, he has strong mobility and lateral movements, which is helpful when he walks the blue line to see his options in the offensive zone. He is very good at rushing the puck up ice, but he can also make strong stretch passes out of the zone on transition play. On the powerplay, he is a great quarterback and does a solid job of getting the puck to the net or an open teammate. As well on even-strength, he likes to shoot for a rebound opportunity, but won’t hesitate to try and score for himself.


  1. Chaz Lucius, C/W | USA | 6-0, 172 lbs



Tony Ferrari: One of, if not the most skilled forward in this draft class. Lucius is an intelligent player in all three zones but his offensive IQ is through the roof. The puck seemingly follows him around the ice. His shot is upper-echelon for this draft class and he’s no slouch as a playmaker either. He has the spatial awareness to know exactly what is going on around the ice. Taking advantage of the opposition’s mistakes is a specialty. He has the puck skills and offensive talent to lead the U.S. NTDP U18 squad in scoring next season. His skating, in general, is decent with acceleration being a bit lacking but if he can take that next step it will be hard to keep him out of the top three.


  1. Dylan Guenther, C/W | CAN | 6-1, 170 lbs


Tony Ferrari: Driving a line as a 16-year-old is uncommon at the WHL level and there were times towards the end of last season where Guenther did just that. He won the WHL Rookie of the Year award last season on the back of 26 goals and 59 points in 58 games. He possesses good size and strength and his skating is above average. He is a highly skilled player who understands where his teammates will be and reads plays very well. His shot is very good and aided but a quick release. He saw mixed time at center and on the wing but Guenther projects as a center this coming season in Edmonton with the Oil Kings. Look for him to take a step and solidify himself as a number one center in the WHL.


  1. Luke Hughes, LHD | USA | 6-0, 161 lbs


Tony Ferrari: One of the smoothest skaters in the draft class, the youngest Hughes brother follows in his brothers (Jack and Quinn) footsteps with the U.S. NTDP club. He is the biggest of the Hughes brothers as well, already standing 6’0″ at 16 years old. He is also one of the youngest players for the 2021 draft, just six days away from being eligible for the 2022 draft. His game still has a lot of rawness to it but the potential is there. He out produced Quinn in their U17 year with the NTDP in fewer games played. There is some concern about his play in his own end but the potential and tools are all there for the youngest Hughes brother to be the best.


  1. Fabian Lysell, W | SWE | 5-10, 176 lbs



Jokke Nevalainen: Lysell is an exciting and dynamic offensive winger who can make high-end plays on a regular basis but he can also score goals with his excellent wrist shot which beats goalies from distance. Internationally, Lysell was Sweden’s best player at the U17 World Hockey Challenge and didn’t look out of place playing with the U18 team as an underager. Coming from the Frölunda system, Lysell has learned the value of hard work on the ice which is a positive sign, especially for an under-sized offensive winger. He needs to get stronger and prove himself at a higher level but his long-term potential is extremely high.


  1. Simon Edvinsson, LHD | SWE | 6-4, 185 lbs


Jokke Nevalainen: Edvinsson follows the footsteps of Philip Broberg and William Wallinder as a big puck-moving defenseman coming out of Sweden. Edvinsson is a great skater for his size and knows how to move the puck very well. His strengths are on offense but he’s not a liability defensively either. Edvinsson’s coming out party happened at the U17 World Hockey Challenge where he was a beast and one of the top players in the tournament. Like Lysell, Edvinsson spent most of the season at the under-18 league because Frölunda’s system is so stacked. In any other organization, both players would have been full-time players at the under-20 level. But Edvinsson got some games at that level and proved making the jump to a higher level won’t cause any issues for him.


  1. Samu Tuomaala, W | FIN | 5-10, 174 lbs



Jokke Nevalainen: Tuomaala is an exciting offensive winger who owns a deadly shot. His release is among the best in this draft class, and he can fire powerful and accurate shots that can beat goalies from distance. Tuomaala is also a pretty good playmaker, although that part of his game still needs some work. His great skating ability allows him to be a threat all over the ice but especially in transition. His defensive game is definitely the biggest concern with him. He’s shown some improvements in defensive effort but he still has a lot of work to do with his defensive understanding when it comes to assignments and positioning. He’s also a bit undersized but not so much that it would be a concern.


  1. Jesper Wallstedt, G | SWE | 6-3, 209 lbs


Jokke Nevalainen: Wallstedt follows the footsteps of Spencer Knight and Yaroslav Askarov as potential franchise goalies being drafted in the first round. He has already played three seasons at the under-20 league in Sweden and he’s expected to spend the upcoming season at the SHL level which is unheard of for a draft-eligible goalie. He isn’t expected to play a lot of games but his track record both internationally and in the Swedish junior league speaks for itself. Wallstedt’s combination of size, hockey sense and mobility isn’t quite at the Askarov level but it’s not far off either. Like Askarov, Wallstedt won’t be a long wait because he’s already so mature at age 17.


  1. Kent Johnson, C | CAN | 6-1, 168 lbs


Clare McManus: Johnson had a fantastic year lighting up the BCHL with 101 points in 52 games, producing similar numbers to Colorado Avalanche prospect, Alex Newhook. He is a shifty electrifying center who thinks the game at a high level. He is always one of the most consistent players on the ice, showing off his flashy hands and playmaking abilities. This makes him very dangerous, but combining his offensive skills with strong fluid edgework and skating, he can carve the ice quickly, create space, and make the opposition hesitate. His shot is not bad as well. He can take the puck to the net and fool the goalie, but he is definitely more of a playmaking center. If he adds more muscle, he should fit nicely with the Michigan Wolverines.


  1. Mason McTavish, C | CAN | 6-1, 196 lbs



Caitlin Berry: McTavish led all 2003-born OHL rookies in scoring last season thanks to his pro-level strength and offensive prowess. A natural sniper, McTavish will shoot from anywhere at any time and has an explosive release. He is incredibly difficult to knock off the puck, which aids him in battles along the boards and when carrying the play end-to-end. His confidence in the offensive zone sets him apart; he possesses excellent puck control uses his great offensive awareness to both set up his teammates and get himself in the best position to score. Needs some improvement in his game-to-game consistency and defensive awareness. Provided he finds a consistent place in the lineup next year, McTavish has the potential to move into the top-10.


  1. Simon Robertsson, W | SWE | 6-0, 181 lbs


Jokke Nevalainen: Robertsson’s release is among the best in this draft class and his powerful shot can beat goalies from distance. But to become more of a dual-threat, he has been working on his playmaking abilities. His draft-1 season wasn’t as dominant as expected but Skellefteå wasn’t a high-scoring team. He’s likely going to play at least part of the upcoming season at the SHL level, and he should be a dominant player in the junior league and internationally at the under-18 level.


  1. Cole Sillinger, C | CAN | 6-0, 187 lbs



Tony Ferrari: Sillinger was having an outstanding rookie season and likely would have been the WHL Rookie of the Year had injuries not plagued the Medicine Hat center. He has a sturdy frame and excellent strength at this stage of development. His offensive game flows through his NHL-level shot. He plays with confidence at both ends of the ice and although his defensive game will need to get more consistent he showed promise at times. Sillinger should be a player with a chance to jump into the top-five should he bounce back from injury and take a big step in the WHL as expected.


  1. Zach Dean, C | CAN | 5-11, 168 lbs


Brayden Olafson: The Gatineau Olympiques’ 16-year-old quickly became a play driving centerman in his rookie campaign in the QMJHL. His early success can be attributed to several mature aspects of his game, including a strong awareness and anticipation of gaps in his opponents defense, as well as the availability and readiness of his teammates. Dean owns a favorable first stride that allows him to win loose puck races and create turnovers in all zones. His defensive reactions can be a bit delayed, but he is on the right track to developing an acceptable two-way style.


  1. Matthew Beniers, C/W | USA | 6-0, 168 lbs


Clare McManus: A 200-foot player who can play physical or produce offensively. He is an explosive skater with strong edgework and mobility. With that he can beat defenders in one-on-one situations, but also use his skating to create space for himself, which makes it easy to see his available options. Beniers doesn’t have the most powerful shot, but it is quick and it will beat goalies. In the corners he battles hard and can lay the body on the opposition, but he does need to add some more muscle.


  1. William Eklund, C/W | SWE | 5-10, 172 lbs


Jokke Nevalainen: Eklund is a very skilled and smart offensive forward. He played center at lower levels but spent the past season at wing. As a winger, he was even able to earn a promotion to the SHL level where he played surprisingly lot and didn’t look out of place for the most part. Undersized offensive forwards like him can sometimes lack the work ethic and competitiveness required to make it to the NHL but he definitely doesn’t.


  1. Nikita Chibrikov, W | RUS | 5-10, 161 lbs



Dylan Griffing: Chibrikov is a smooth-skating, offense-first winger with the ability to control games with the puck on his stick. Chibrikov can obliterate defenses with, not just his skating speed, but his lightning quick turns and pure agility. He assumes a playmaking role in the offensive zone, finishing the MHL season with 13 assists in 32 games. Chibrikov can absolutely run a powerplay unit, as well, due to his skill to control the tempo of the game and throw accurate passes all around the offensive zone. He dominated for both club and country and had a stellar performance at the 2019 U-17 Five Nations tournament in February. Despite his smaller frame, he engages physically with opposing skaters and holds his own. Chibrikov is an aggressive forechecker, but leaves some to be desired in the defensive zone, most notably with his positioning. He will be playing for SKA-1946 of the MHL to start the 2020-21 season.


  1. Daniil Lazutin, C | RUS | 6-2, 174 lbs


Dylan Griffing: Sticking with Dynamo Moskva players, Daniil Lazutin is a very well-rounded two-way forward. He moves around the neutral zone with ease to disrupt passing lanes and apply heavy pressure to his opponents. Lazutin had an incredible U17 World Hockey Challenge, as he centered a line with Nikita Chibrikov and Prokhor Poltapov. His production numbers from the tournament were great, with nine points in six games, however, his defensive work was what really stood out. Lazutin is just about everything you could ask for in a 200-foot player — speed, size, and skill — but needs to work on becoming a more consistent player. His rights were also traded to SKA for the 2020-21 season.


  1. Aidan Hreschuk, LHD | USA | 5-11, 181 lbs


Tony Ferrari: Wise beyond his years, Hreschuk (HER-shuck) is a high-IQ blueliner with fluid skating. He understands when to pick his spots to jump into the attack without giving up much in his own end. He has the ability to gather speed quickly, going from gliding to powering by defensive players when the puck is on his stick. He uses his stick to break up plays and gathers the puck to quickly turning it up ice. He doesn’t get the same fanfare as some of the other loaded defenders on the NTDP team but he could wind up as the most well-rounded of the group.


  1. Logan Stankoven, C/W | CAN | 5-8, 170 lbs



Tony Ferrari: Big shot, small frame. Logan Stankoven is another WHL sniper who has an unreal shot. He can score from anywhere in the offensive zone, unafraid to shoot from odd angles or get the puck on net from distance. The effort in board battles is there but the young Blazers’ forward will need to get stronger to make a difference. His playmaking is crafty but the diminutive forward will be drafted because of his shot. There should be a bit more of an opportunity in Kamloops for Stankoven.


  1. Isak Rosén, W | SWE | 5-10, 154 lbs


Jokke Nevalainen: Rosén is a very skilled offensive winger who had an excellent season in the under-20 league. There are some concerns as to how well he can generate offense for himself and for others and how well his offensive skills translate to the higher levels. If he can work on his all-around game and figure out how to adjust his game to the higher levels without losing his strengths, he’s someone who could provide a lot of long-term potential if developed properly.


  1. Zachary L’Heureux, W | CAN | 5-11, 194 lbs



Brayden Olafson: L’Heureux is a dynamic power forward who has the ability to generate opportunities as a result of his combined creativity and physical presence. He leverages a surprisingly strong lower body and low center of gravity to overpower his bigger opponents when necessary. In addition, while playing on a talented Moncton Wildcats team he could afford to take risks and demonstrate an aptitude for making creative adjustments on the rush. Unfortunately, his physical maturity and team support likely led to inflated production as a rookie which might not come as easy on his new team in Halifax.


  1. Joshua Roy, C | CAN | 6-0, 192 lbs


Brayden Olafson: The first overall selection from the 2019 QMJHL Draft went through an obvious period of adjustment in his rookie season with the Saint John Sea Dogs. Roy was challenged to take on a two-way role with the team from early on, and as such, has already shown signs of refined play across 200-feet. Unfortunately, as a result of the role he was cast in, the tactical skill and creativity that we might’ve expected from him has yet to fully blossom. A much stronger second half under a new coach may be an indication that Roy has much more to offer than what we’ve already seen.


  1. Stanislav Svozil, LHD | CZE | 6-0, 172 lbs


Samuel Tirpak: Svozil is very smart two-way defenseman who is incredible defensively and in transition. He is a smooth-skating player who is able to generate some offense, but generally I wouldn’t say that his offensive game will translate that well to the next level. He played his draft-1 season in the Czech Extraliga against men and played mostly on the third pair. He won the rookie of the year award and will continue to play more minutes next season. I see him more as a defensive defenseman going forward.


  1. Xavier Bourgault, C/W | CAN | 5-11, 154 lbs


Brayden Olafson: Bourgault is one of the older players who is eligible for the 2021 Entry Draft and has an additional year of development in the QMJHL under his belt. The 17-year-old possesses a long, smooth stride and can transition the puck across zones with relative ease. The power and accuracy of his shot is well developed and has proven lethal at a variety of locations in the offensive zone.


  1. Brennan Othmann, W | CAN | 5-11, 165 lbs


Caitlin Berry: Underrated by many last season, Othmann earns this spot due to his incredibly powerful shot and strong playmaking skills. He possesses one of the best one-timers in the OHL, which he makes use of with excellent offensive zone positioning, and his accuracy when shooting off the rush is second to none. Othmann showed great vision and slick passing this year as he took on more of a playmaker role with the Firebirds. He is able to maneuver around defenders due to solid edgework, although his speed and acceleration show room for improvement. With just 87 shots on goal last year, he would benefit greatly from using his lethal shot more often. An offensively gifted winger who has the potential to rise up draft rankings given some refinement in his game.


  1. Prokhor Poltapov, W | RUS | 5-10, 161 lbs


Dylan Griffing: Poltapov is a flashy, offensive dynamo who can do some incredible feats on the ice. He plays a high-tempo game every time he steps on the ice and he thrives by aggressively chasing down puck carriers in the defensive zone, gaining possession, and quickly exiting the zone. With control of the puck, he moves up the flank and uses the width of the ice to his advantage by either cutting inside himself or playing a pass into a teammate in the center. Poltapov is a very good goal-scorer, but rather than shooting from distance and getting real power behind his shots, he prefers to drive to the net before trying to dangle past the goaltender. He was extremely prominent for the Russian U17 teams, displaying his pure offensive skill against some of the best young talents in the world. Poltapov lacks the size and strength to be able to hold off bigger players without his feet planted, though, which leads to him being laid out on the ice a bit too often.


  1. Francesco Pinelli, C/W | CAN | 6-0, 176 lbs



Caitlin Berry: Pinelli possesses a very well-rounded game for his age. He has a quick release and hard shot and can be a dual offensive threat with strong playmaking. Pinelli uses his good skating to change the pace of play and open up passing lanes. Pinelli’s work ethic at both ends of the ice is what sets him apart; he’s just as tenacious defensively on the forecheck and getting his stick in lanes. While listed at the centre, Pinelli spent most of last season on the left wing. His worth to the team was evident, however, infrequent time on the top line and on the powerplay. He needs to improve his strength which will bolster his defensive game and would benefit from refining his shot accuracy and frequency. Pinelli possesses a versatile skill set that will become even more well-rounded given more time to develop at center next season.


  1. Daniil Chayka, LHD | RUS | 6-2, 187 lbs


Jacob Barker: Chayka is one of the oldest players eligible for the 2021 NHL draft, and it shows with the poise and confidence he brings on the ice with him. A combination of good size, strong skating ability, a bolstering point shot and high hockey IQ allows him to mold his game into whatever is required of him in the moment. He should be able to step into the NHL quicker than some of his fellow draft eligible defensemen, yet there is much less runway left to develop his game (similar to Braden Schneider in the 2020 Draft). At the next level, Chayka projects to be a strong second or third pairing defensemen who can eat up big minutes on both sides of special teams.

  1. Anton Olsson, LHD | SWE | 6-1, 183 lbs


Jokke Nevalainen: Olsson is a smart two-way defenseman who can contribute at both ends of the ice. He makes great breakout passes and joins the rush when the situation calls for it. But he’s also a very solid defensive player who can be trusted to play in any situation. He’s not the flashiest player but he’s very effective and the type of player coaches loves to have in their lineup. Because of his mature game, he could get a decent amount of SHL games this upcoming season.


The Full Top-64


 Rank  Player  Shoots  Nationality  2019-2020 season  2020-2021 season  Date of birth  Size
 1  Aatu Räty, C  L  FIN  Jr. SM-liiga (Kärpät)  Liiga (Kärpät)  2002-11-14  6-1, 181 lbs
 2  Brandt Clarke, D  R  CAN  OHL (Barrie Colts)  OHL (Barrie Colts)  2003-02-09  6-1, 181 lbs
 3  Carson Lambos, D  L  CAN  WHL (Winnipeg)  WHL (Winnipeg)  2003-01-14  6-1, 201 lbs
 4  Owen Power, D  L  CAN  USHL (Chicago)  NCAA (Michigan)  2002-11-22  6-5, 209 lbs
 5  Chaz Lucius, C/W  R  USA  USNTDP (U.S. U17)  USNTDP (U.S. U18)  2003-05-02  6-0, 172 lbs
 6  Dylan Guenther, C/W  R  CAN  WHL (Edmonton)  WHL (Edmonton)  2003-04-10  6-1, 170 lbs
 7  Luke Hughes, D  L  USA  USNTDP (U.S. U17)  USNTDP (U.S. U18)  2003-09-09  6-0, 161 lbs
 8  Fabian Lysell, W  R  SWE  J18 Elit (Frölunda)  J20 Nationell (Frölunda)  2003-01-19  5-10, 176 lbs
 9  Simon Edvinsson, D  L  SWE  J18 Elit (Frölunda)  J20 Nationell (Frölunda)  2003-02-05  6-4, 185 lbs
 10  Samu Tuomaala, W  R  FIN  Jr. SM-liiga (Kärpät)  U20 SM-sarja (Kärpät)  2003-01-08  5-10, 174 lbs
 11  Jesper Wallstedt, G  L  SWE  J20 SuperElit (Luleå)  SHL (Luleå)  2002-11-14  6-3, 209 lbs
 12  Kent Johnson, C  L  CAN  BCHL (Trail)  NCAA (Michigan)  2002-10-18  6-1, 168 lbs
 13  Mason McTavish, C  R  CAN  OHL (Peterborough)  OHL (Peterborough)  2003-01-30  6-1, 196 lbs
 14  Simon Robertsson, W  L  SWE  J20 SuperElit (Skellefteå)  J20 Nationell (Skellefteå)  2003-02-05  6-0, 181 lbs
 15  Cole Sillinger, C  L  CAN  WHL (Medicine Hat)  WHL (Medicine Hat)  2003-05-16  6-0, 187 lbs
 16  Zach Dean, C  L  CAN  QMJHL (Gatineau)  QMJHL (Gatineau)  2003-01-04  5-11, 168 lbs
 17  Matthew Beniers, C/W  L  USA  USNTDP (U.S. U18)  NCAA (Michigan)  2002-11-05  6-0, 168 lbs
 18  William Eklund, C/W  L  SWE  J20 SuperElit (Djurgården)  SHL (Djurgården)  2002-12-10  5-10, 172 lbs
 19  Nikita Chibrikov, W  L  RUS  MHL (Dynamo Moskva)  MHL (SKA)  2003-02-16  5-10, 161 lbs
 20  Daniil Lazutin, C  L  RUS  MHL (Dynamo Moskva)  MHL (SKA)  2003-07-25  6-2, 174 lbs
 21  Aidan Hreschuk, D  L  USA  USNTDP (U.S. U17)  USNTDP (U.S. U18)  2003-02-19  5-11, 181 lbs
 22  Logan Stankoven, C/W  R  CAN  WHL (Kamloops)  WHL (Kamloops)  2003-02-26  5-8, 170 lbs
 23  Isak Rosén, W  L  SWE  J20 SuperElit (Leksand)  J20 Nationell (Leksand)  2003-03-15  5-10, 154 lbs
 24  Zachary L’Heureux, W  L  CAN  QMJHL (Moncton)  QMJHL (Halifax)  2003-05-15  5-11, 194 lbs
 25  Joshua Roy, C  L  CAN  QMJHL (Saint John)  QMJHL (Saint John)  2003-08-06  6-0, 192 lbs
 26  Stanislav Svozil, D  L  CZE  Czech (Kometa Brno)  Czech (Kometa Brno)  2003-01-17  6-0, 172 lbs
 27  Xavier Bourgault, C/W  R  CAN  QMJHL (Shawinigan)  QMJHL (Shawinigan)  2002-10-22  5-11, 154 lbs
 28  Brennan Othmann, W  L  CAN  OHL (Flint)  OHL (Flint)  2003-01-05  5-11, 165 lbs
 29  Prokhor Poltapov, W  L  RUS  MHL (Krasnaya Armiya)  MHL (Krasnaya Armiya)  2003-02-01  5-10, 161 lbs
 30  Francesco Pinelli, C/W  L  CAN  OHL (Kitchener)  OHL (Kitchener)  2003-04-11  6-0, 176 lbs
 31  Daniil Chayka, D  L  RUS  OHL (Guelph)  OHL (Guelph)  2002-10-22  6-2, 187 lbs
 32  Anton Olsson, D  L  SWE  J20 SuperElit (Malmö)  J20 Nationell (Malmö)  2003-01-26  6-1, 183 lbs
 33  Sebastian Cossa, G  L  CAN  WHL (Edmonton)  WHL (Edmonton)  2002-11-21  6-4, 212 lbs
 34  Brett Harrison, C  L  CAN  OHL (Oshawa)  OHL (Oshawa)  2003-06-07  6-1, 172 lbs
 35  James Malatesta, C  L  CAN  QMJHL (Québec)  QMJHL (Québec)  2003-05-31  5-9, 172 lbs
 36  Fyodor Svechkov, W  L  RUS  MHL (Togliatti)  MHL (Togliatti)  2003-04-05  6-0, 179 lbs
 37  Samu Salminen, C/W  L  FIN  Jr. SM-liiga (Jokerit)  U20 SM-sarja (Jokerit)  2003-04-09  6-2, 186 lbs
 38  Corson Ceulemans, D  R  CAN  AJHL (Brooks)  AJHL (Brooks)  2003-05-05  6-2, 190 lbs
 39  Isaac Belliveau, D  L  CAN  QMJHL (Rimouski)  QMJHL (Rimouski)  2002-11-26  6-0, 172 lbs
 40  Dylan Duke, C  L  USA  USNTDP (U.S. U17)  USNTDP (U.S. U18)  2003-03-04  5-9, 168 lbs
 41  Zachary Bolduc, C  L  CAN  QMJHL (Rimouski)  QMJHL (Rimouski)  2003-02-24  6-0, 161 lbs
 42  Lorenzo Canonica, C  L  SUI  U20-Elit (Lugano)  QMJHL (Shawinigan)  2003-09-03  5-11, 179 lbs
 43  Jack O’Brien, C  L  USA  WHL (Portland)  WHL (Portland)  2003-05-14  6-0, 154 lbs
 44  Oscar Plandowski, D  R  CAN  QMJHL (Charlottetown)  QMJHL (Charlottetown)  2003-05-18  5-11, 170 lbs
 45  Verner Miettinen, C  L  FIN  Jr. SM-liiga (Kiekko-Espoo)  U20 SM-sarja (Kiekko-Espoo)  2003-04-07  5-11, 165 lbs
 46  Artyom Grushnikov, D  L  RUS  MHL (Krasnaya Armiya)  MHL (Krasnaya Armiya)  2003-03-20  6-2, 174 lbs
 47  Tristan Lennox, G  L  CAN  OHL (Saginaw)  OHL (Saginaw)  2002-10-21  6-4, 190 lbs
 48  Sasha Pastujov, W  L  USA  USNTDP (U.S. U17)  USNTDP (U.S. U18)  2003-06-15  6-0, 181 lbs
 49  Sean Behrens, D  L  USA  USNTDP (U.S. U17)  USNTDP (U.S. U18)  2003-03-31  5-8, 172 lbs
 50  Benjamin Gaudreau, G  L  CAN  OHL (Sarnia)  OHL (Sarnia)  2003-01-11  6-2, 165 lbs
 51  Ryder Korczak, C  R  CAN  WHL (Moose Jaw)  WHL (Moose Jaw)  2002-09-23  5-10, 159 lbs
 52  Vincent Iorio, D  L  CAN  WHL (Brandon)  WHL (Brandon)  2002-11-14  6-3, 194 lbs
 53  Alexei Prokopenko, C  L  RUS  Russia U17 (Omsk)  QMJHL (Gatineau)  2003-01-29  5-11, 165 lbs
 54  Oskar Olausson, W  L  SWE  J20 SuperElit (HV71)  J20 Nationell (HV71)  2002-11-10  6-2, 181 lbs
 55  Conner Roulette, W  L  CAN  WHL (Seattle)  WHL (Seattle)  2003-05-13  5-11, 161 lbs
 56  Matthew Samoskevich, W  R  USA  USHL (Chicago)  NCAA (Michigan)  2002-11-15  5-9, 172 lbs
 57  Graham Sward, D  L  CAN  WHL (Spokane)  WHL (Spokane)  2003-09-12  6-2, 165 lbs
 58  Jimi Suomi, D  L  FIN  Jr. SM-liiga (Kiekko-Espoo)  USHL (Chicago)  2003-03-01  5-9, 147 lbs
 59  Atte Lehikoinen, D  L  FIN  Jr. SM-liiga (KalPa)  U20 SM-sarja (KalPa)  2003-07-05  6-2, 192 lbs
 60  Justin Janicke, W  L  USA  USNTDP (U.S. U17)  USNTDP (U.S. U18)  2003-06-30  5-11, 174 lbs
 61  Oleksii Myklukha, C  R  SVK  QMJHL (Rouyn-Noranda)  QMJHL (Rouyn-Noranda)  2002-11-25  5-10, 154 lbs
 62  Brian Zanetti, D  L  SUI  U20-Elit (Lugano)  OHL (Peterborough)  2003-03-15  6-2, 172 lbs
 63  Oliver Moberg, W  L  SWE  J20 SuperElit (AIK)  J20 Nationell (AIK)  2003-02-23  6-2, 190 lbs
 64  Ty Voit, W  R  USA  OHL (Sarnia)  OHL (Sarnia)  2003-06-10  5-9, 150 lbs




Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Tristan Luneau 7.5 8.0
Zachary Nehring 4.5 5.0
Jacob Julien 5.5 5.0
Antti Tuomisto 4.5 6.0
Aku Räty 5.8 5.0
Miko Matikka 6.5 6.5
Nathan Smith 6.2 6.0
Jan Jenik 7.2 6.5
Ilya Fedotov 6.0 3.0
Noel Nordh 6.5 7.0