DobberProspects’ Preliminary 2021 NHL Draft Rankings

Jokke Nevalainen


Image courtesy of Andrew Armstrong


Usually around this time of the year, the current year’s NHL Entry Draft would have happened over a month ago and scouts would have moved on from it. This is also the time when the Hlinka Gretzky Cup usually starts the new scouting season. But this is not a normal year. The 2020 NHL Entry Draft is scheduled for October, and the Hlinka Gretzky Cup (like all other fall tournaments) is cancelled.


But regardless of all that, it’s time to start looking towards the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. It will be the first draft with the Seattle Kraken included, so that means 32 teams drafting each round. Summer camps in Europe have started, and the European leagues will be starting their regular seasons in September or October for the most part. The North American leagues may not start until December but we felt it’s our duty to put together the preliminary 2021 NHL Draft Rankings before the new seasons start anywhere.


Our partnership with InStat Hockey has taken our scouting to a whole new level by giving us new ways to our scouting efforts. These rankings are mostly based on everyone’s draft minus-one seasons which is why they will change a lot throughout the season because the actual draft season is always more important. This is how we rank these prospects at this point of the time but we know our rankings won’t look the same in six months because they never do.


Here’s the full DobberProspects scouting team: