Prospect Ramblings: Today’s Most Slept on Prospects

Brayden Olafson



In the era that we live in, most people are aware of the pro’s and con’s that we are subject to as a result of the vast social media presence in our lives. The endless spectrum of information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis is overwhelming to say the very least. One of the results of this is a phenomenon known as groupthink. Back in March, Mason Black (@NHLRankKing) painted an excellent picture of how groupthink impacts the draft, and why it’s important to be cognizant of. If you use Twitter, or any other social media platform for that matter, chances are that you’re subject to one groupthink echo chamber or another. – it’s almost inevitable. Any good Twitter follow, in my opinion, is guilty of planting the seeds of groupthink – each prospect writer has their favorite prospect or group of prospects. Whether they’re an underdog, or simply a rising product of their favorite team. These players tend to become engorged with hype, and although that hype ebbs and flows between players of focus, there is always a disproportionately small group of prospects who receive the spotlight. Conversely, it seems, a disproportionately large group of prospects, who are otherwise worthy of media attention don’t always receive it. This may be based on a variety of factors that matter not; what matters is that today I plan on cranking the scope of that spotlight in directions which prospects have been bathing in darkness despite some promising results. 


None – I repeat, none of these prospects are players who I’ve reached into the depths of the prospect world to find. They are all among the top echelon of prospects in their respective systems, yet in each case have seemingly been left off the hype radar. Today we’ll try to get to the bottom of it, and determine whether their lack of hype is justified, or if some of them could be –  *cliche alert* – diamonds in the rough. 


D, Thomas Harley, Dallas Stars

Page Hits: 9258 | Upside 7.7 | NHL Certainty: 8.2 | Dobber Prospect Ranking: 12 (D)


Despite blossoming into one of the CHL’s most competent and reliable defenseman, I feel it’s true that Thomas Harley still receives far less hype than he is owed. The Dallas Stars appropriately selected The Mississauga blueliner in the second half of last years’ first-round and he’s done nothing but improve ever since. Harley’s poise, patience, and vision are all aspects of what will make him a reliable two-way defenseman in the NHL, while his casually devastating release is what may allow him to develop into a favorable sidekick to Miro Heiskanen.


By contrast to Harley’s lack of attention, Moritz Seider, who ranks lower in Dobber’s Prospect Rankings for a defenseman at 15th, and has comparable upside and NHL certainty, has had his DobberProspects profile viewed in excess of 25,000 times. Seider’s extended spotlight is likely due in part to his surprise top-10 selection by the Red Wings’ last summer. In reality, the gap that separates the two defensemen’s future is far narrower than the 270% indicated by their profile views.


Verdict: Severely under-hyped. 



D, Brogan Rafferty, Vancouver Canucks

Page Hits: 6916 | Upside 7.0 | NHL Certainty: 8.5 | Dobber Prospect Ranking: 31 (D)