Prospect Ramblings: Underrated European Prospects on Notable Draft Rankings

Jokke Nevalainen



I haven’t rambled for a while but a couple of days ago, hockey Twitter went a bit nuts because Central Scouting and Craig Button released their latest rankings, and unsurprisingly, there was controversy.


We could debate an entire day about Tim Stützle and his position at the top of the European ranking and tied with Quinton Byfield for second overall. But instead of that, I thought it might be interesting to look at some prospects who seem underrated based on everything I’ve seen from them. And by that I mean I will be focusing on European prospects because those are the ones I’m more familiar with.


I am not going to talk about how good or bad either ranking is because they are both very notable rankings that pretty much every prospect junkie checks out, and I respect everyone who scouts prospects for a living. But I will give my opinions on the players in question and where I have them ranked. Here are my top six choices for “Most Underrated” on Central Scouting’s latest ranking and on Craig Button’s latest ranking.


Jan Mysak, C/W


Mysak was ranked ninth among European skaters on Central Scouting’s list which is not that dissimilar to