Prospect Ramblings – My January 2020 Draft Rankings

Pat Quinn




Welcome to my Friday ramblings as I could not get this out on Thursday because, like I said in December, when I posted my original rankings (found HERE) that narrowing these down to 31 stresses me out. However, here I am again, high stress and all to bring you my new rankings! I have also made it 50 so it is less stressful, and added what the players were ranked previously.



These rankings will be just my opinion, from what I have watched and read, of the top 31 prospects for the 2020 NHL draft



Also, before we start here is my #GoodTweet of the week:


{source} <blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Wow this is a lot for an older player. Seems like a &quot;thanks for that super low AAV contract earlier&quot; type of deal.<br>Backstrom also seems like one of those players who's game will age very well <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Pat Quinn (not that one) (@FHPQuinn) <a href=””>January 14, 2020</a></blockquote>{/source}



January top 31 rankings (with tiers):



Tier 1


  1. Alexis Lafreniere, LW (Previous 1)



Tier 2


  1. Quinton Byfield, C (Previous 2)



Tier 3


  1. Lucas Raymond, RW/LW (Previous 3)
  2. Marco Rossi, C (Previous 7)
  3. Tim Stutzle, C/W (Previous 8)
  4. Cole Perfetti, C/LW (Previous 4)
  5. Alexander Holtz, RW/LW (Previous 5)
  6. Anton Lundell, C/LW (Previous 6)



Tier 4


  1. Jamie Drysdale, D (Previous 10)
  2. Noel Gunler, RW/LW (Previous 12)
  3. Jan Mysak, LW (Previous 13)
  4. Rodion Amirov, LW (Previous 9)
  5. Dylan Holloway, C (Previous 11)
  6. Dawson Mercer, RW (Previous 17)



Tier 5


  1. Hendrix Lapierre, C (Previous 14)
  2. Connor Zary, C (Previous 15)
  3. Justin Barron, D (Previous 20)
  4. Jeremie Poirier, D (Previous 16)
  5. Mavrik Bourque, C (Previous 18)
  6. Yaroslav Askarov, G (Previous 21)



Tier 6


  1. Jean-Luc Foudy, C (Previous 22)
  2. Jake Sanderson, D (Previous 19)
  3. Jacob Perreault, C (Previous 25)
  4. Braden Schneider, D (Previous 24)
  5. Jack Quinn, RW (Previous 29)
  6. Zion Nybeck, RW (Previous 26)
  7. Kaiden Guhle, D (Previous 28)
  8. Ty Smilanic, C/W (Previous 30)
  9. Justin Sourdif, RW (Previous 23)
  10. Antonio Stranges, C/LW (Previous 27)
  11. William Wallinder, D (Previous 32)






RIP Neil Peart. Rush was such a great band I was able to see them three times and even got to see the last tour they did! At least live performances live on, well and the music too.







Keeping consistent with my previous rankings I will still go to a top 50, and they can be considered Tier 7


  1. Shakir Mukhamadullin, D (Previous 31)
  2. Lukas Reichel, LW (Previous 47)
  3. Jake Neighbours, LW (Previous 42)
  4. Jaromir Pytlik, C (Previous 33)
  5. Ryan O’Rourke, D (Previous 41)
  6. Roni Hirvonen, C (Previous 34)
  7. Vasili Ponomaryov, C (Previous 40)
  8. Eemil Viro, D (Previous 37)
  9. Seth Jarvis, RW (Previously NR)
  10. Daniil Gushchin, RW (Previous 38)
  11. Marat Khusnutdinov, C (Previously NR)
  12. Topi Niemela, D (Previous 45)
  13. Kasper Simontaival, RW (Previous 36)
  14. Theodor Niederbach, C (Previous 44)
  15. Thomas Bordeleau, C (Previous 39)
  16. Lukas Cormier, D (Previous 43)
  17. Emil Andrae, D (Previous 35)
  18. John-Jason Peterka, RW (Previous 48)
  19. Alexander Pashin, RW (Previous 46)



Falling out of my top 50:


  • Carter Savoie, LW (Previous 49)
  • Jack Thompson, D (Previous 50)





  • Tiers 5-7 are all extremely close, the only thing separating them is that Askarov could be a star net minder and that first round picks get consistent chances to become NHLers while second round picks have a much shorter leash
    • Reminder: I do not rank goalies very high
  • I keep being more and more impressed with Marco Rossi, Jan Mysak, and Antonio Stranges over the past month plus



Largest Riser

  • First round – Jack Quinn, RW
  • Second round – Lukas Reichel, LW



Largest Faller

  • First round – Justin Sourdif, RW
  • Second round – Emil Andrae, D






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Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Ty Voit 7.5 6.5
Nick Robertson 8.5 9.5
Rasmus Sandin 8.0 10.0
Mikko Kokkonen 6.0 8.5
Semyon Der-Arguchintsev 7.0 6.5
Mikhail Abramov 7.0 6.5
Pontus Holmberg 7.0 7.5
Roni Hirvonen 7.5 7.5
Topi Niemelä 8.0 8.0
Mavrik Bourque 8.3 8.2


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