Prospect Ramblings: Calder Power Rankings 008 – Goalies surging, Marino slipping

By |2020-01-30T19:27:28-05:00January 31st, 2020|Prospects Rambling|

    Welcome back for another edition of the Calder Power Rankings. January’s been a great month to follow most of the NHL’s top rookies and a comparatively sad one for others. While the likes of Cale Makar and Quinn Hughes continue to assert their two-way dominance, former contenders such as Victor Olofsson and Ilya [...]

DPR Episode 81: 2020 NHL Mock Draft with Jokke Nevalainen, Tony Ferrari and Josh Tessler

By |2020-01-28T15:32:25-05:00January 28th, 2020|DobberProspects Report|

The Mock Draft episode is here! DobberProspects writers and draft experts Jokke Nevalainen, Tony Ferrari and Josh Tessler join Peter to mock draft live to podcast the first round of the draft. Follow the fantasy style draft as the boys take turns picking for NHL teams through the first round. Who makes the top ten [...]

Prospect Ramblings: 2020 Draft Eligibles – Holloway, Quinn, Perfetti

By |2020-01-26T12:33:53-05:00January 26th, 2020|Prospects Rambling|

    Prospect Ramblings: Holloway, Quinn and Perfetti Shift Work   For this Sunday’s Prospect Ramblings, I’ve decided to look at a couple of shifts for three draft-eligible prospects. I asked my followers for who they wanted to see featured and I made selections based on their responses.    Dylan Holloway   Let’s kick things [...]

Prospect Deep Dive: Jeremie Poirier

By |2020-01-23T19:32:50-05:00January 24th, 2020|Feature Story|

  It’s going to be easy to get lost in the mix of defenseman drafted in the mid to late first round of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft. With upwards of eight blueliners potentially being selected from picks 15 through 31, recognizing the nuances of each of their playing styles will be one of the [...]

Prospect Ramblings – Formidable Opponent 2020

By |2020-01-23T01:08:10-05:00January 23rd, 2020|Prospects Rambling|

    Welcome back to the Thursday prospect ramblings. For the start of 2020, I need a formidable opponent to ask me some prospect questions and what do you know I just happen to have the perfect person at my disposal who is extremely smart. So, get ready for another of my non-scheduled but always entertaining [...]

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