Prospect Ramblings: 2020 Draft Eligibles – Holloway, Quinn, Perfetti

Josh Tessler




Prospect Ramblings: Holloway, Quinn and Perfetti Shift Work


For this Sunday’s Prospect Ramblings, I’ve decided to look at a couple of shifts for three draft-eligible prospects. I asked my followers for who they wanted to see featured and I made selections based on their responses. 


Dylan Holloway


Let’s kick things off by taking a look at Dylan Holloway (Center, University of Wisconsin, Draft Eligible). 



Holloway is an impressive skater. In this shift, he shows just how crisp his edges and turns are. At the 11 second mark, you can see Holloway complete a tight turn in the faceoff circle to the right of the Badgers net.


Aside from his edges and turns, at around the 15-second mark of the shift, Holloway delivers a tap pass to his teammate in the neutral zone as he looks to try to create a rush. Later on in the shift, we see Holloway complete a pass around traffic in the defensive zone which leads to the University of Wisconsin Badgers driving the puck up the ice. Once the Badgers are working the cycle, Holloway grabs a hold of the puck off of a pass and tries to complete a swing pass in the slot to Cole Caufield. While the puck did not connect with Caufield, it was a solid effort given the pressure that Notre Dame was putting on Holloway. 



The shift begins at center ice and Holloway wins the faceoff draw. Shortly after the draw, the Badgers finds themselves in the offensive zone and Holloway manages to complete another tight turn at the nine-second mark. Roughly 10 seconds later, Holloway smoothly transitions from skating forwards to skating backward. Shortly after that, Holloway is seen tracking the puck in the offensive zone and looking for opportunities to pounce on the puck. Near the end of the shift, Holloway collects a tap pass in the neutral zone, completes a zone entry and then attempts to swing the puck around traffic.


Holloway always seems to eager to drive the puck up the ice and complete quick passes to teammates. Once the puck is with one of his wingers, he loves jumping into the slot, pushing his opponents out of the way and waiting for a pass or an opportunity to tip the puck in the net. 


Jack Quinn


For the second prospect, I decided to look at Jack Quinn (Right Wing, Ottawa 67’s, Draft Eligible). 



At around the midway point in the third period of play against the Niagara IceDogs, Jack Quinn is in the offensive zone close to the net. Quinn collects a pass from New Jersey Devils prospect Mitchell Hoelscher and quickly fires a shot and then another on net. While Quinn fails to get the puck past the IceDogs goaltender, his persistence leads to a rebound that Hoelscher picks up and manages to score. 



In this shift, Quinn collects the puck from his defender behind his own net. Quickly after receiving the puck, he skates near the half wall and passes right back to his defenseman. Around the eight second mark, Hoelscher dumps the puck into the offensive zone and we see Quinn skating towards the puck. The draft-eligible prospect picks up speed with a long stride but unfortunately loses an edge once he gets to the boards. After he lost the edge, the IceDogs picked up the puck and created their own rush.


Towards the end of the shift, we see Quinn spending most of his time in the neutral zone. He manages to deflect a pass in the neutral zone and he almost had completed an interception but misread the puck.



To begin the shift, Quinn completes a turn in the defensive zone and then skates up the boards on the right side to pick up the dumped puck. Once he has possession of the puck, he cycles the puck around the boards in hopes of the 67’s continuing the cycle. 


At roughly the 17-second mark, Hoelscher completes a pass to Quinn in the neutral zone and the 67’s forward completes a zone entry. Once he is in the zone, he skates into the slot and stickhandles the puck away from traffic. After Quinn his safely moved the puck away from danger, he passes the puck back towards the blue line to one of his defensemen. 


At the faceoff circle, we see Quinn complete the draw and attempt a forecheck along the half wall. Shortly after, he manages to pick up the puck off of a tie-up, but quickly loses possession of the puck. 


Around the 1:10 mark, Niagara was on a rush and Quinn was tracking the puck. Quinn seemed to be interested in playing the puck aggressively, however he decided to back off at the 1:12 mark. Perhaps if Quinn continued his aggression, he could have stolen the puck away. 


Cole Perfetti



To kick off the shift, Cole Perfetti (Center, Saginaw Spirit, Draft Eligible) gloves down the puck at center ice as one of his Spirit teammates had completed a saucer pass. Once in the offensive zone, Perfetti displays his quality edges and turns. A few seconds later, we see Perfetti behind the Kingston net as he grabs the loose puck and begins skating around the boards to the left of the net. But, once he gets to the Tim Hortons advertisement along the boards, he coughs up the puck. 


Shortly after, at the 32-second mark, Perfetti completes a zone entry and passes the puck to Carolina Hurricanes prospect Ryan Suzuki



In the next shift, Perfetti completes a 360 turn with the puck on the right side of the ice. Shortly after, Perfetti wraps around the net with the puck and skated to the faceoff circle on the left-hand side. The Spirit centerman attempts to spin and shoot, but nothing comes from that opportunity.


Once the opportunity went nowhere, Perfetti outskates the Kingston winger who is covering him and deflects a Kingston pass. He ends up circling the zone until he gets to the boards on the right side of the ice and tries to chase down a loose puck alongside a Kingston defenseman.


Perfetti tries to get open in the slot collects a pass but there is too much traffic on him and he can’t do anything with it. Quickly after that, at the 57-second mark, Perfetti picks up a tap pass but loses the puck again. However, Perfetti refuses to give up. He skates back into the slot, collects a pass and shoots through traffic for a goal.


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Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Topi Rönni 6.5 6.5
Martin Pospisil 5.0 8.5
Hunter Brzustewicz 7.5 8.5
Marshall Rifai 4.0 6.0
Oskari Salminen 3.0 3.0
Arnaud Durandeau 5.5 4.0
Tyce Thompson 5.5 5.5
Beck Malenstyn 2.5 5.5
Hendrix Lapierre 7.5 9.0
Ivan Miroshnichenko 8.5 9.0