Prospect Ramblings: Just How Good is Cale Makar?

Tony Ferrari



The NHL rookie record for points by a defenseman is 76. That was done by none other than Hall of Famer Larry Murphy in 1980-81. Cale Makar, through 23 games, is on pace for 89 points. While it may be unlikely that Makar keeps this pace, thinking that he could sustain this enough to break that record isn’t asinine. Thinking it’s not going to happen might be asinine at this point.


RAPM Chart courtesy of Evolving Hockey


The thing about Makar is that he’s not just performing well on the offensive end of the ice. He’s also shown to be an above-average defender. He makes rookie mistakes at times but when the puck is on players stick so often if his defensive game is slightly above average, that’s more than adequate. In short, Makar has been absolutely dominant to start the season. Let’s take a look into Makar’s game and figure out what is giving him the ability to have such a special season. 


Skating and Transition 


Makar has quickly become one of the best transition players in hockey. His skating is powerful, dynamic and oftentimes deceptive as you can see in the clip below. Makar has some of the crispest and seamless edgework in the NHL and that allows him to move the puck up the ice with ease.