AHL Report – September 2019

Kyle Stewart



HOCKEY IS BACK (well, almost…)!


For starters, thank you all for coming to check out our new AHL Report for the 2019-20 season! Although we’re still a ways away (regular season begins October 4, 2019), the next month has a lot in store in terms of AHL talent – be it prospect camps, NHL camps, or simply trying to crack the pro rosters after coming overseas. To those of you whom frequent our various league reports across the site, you may recognize me from last season’s Swedish Hockey League (SHL) Report – I’ve made the transition over to the AHL this season and couldn’t be more excited to dive into some of the most NHL-ready prospects around, many of whom are destined for both lengthy pro careers and several cups of coffee with their parent clubs this very season.

For our pre-camp report I’ll delve into 10 intriguing prospects who caught my attention as we head into training camps and prospect tournaments. While certainly not all of these players will play a pivotal role in the AHL (e.g. NHL promotions; clauses to send back to Europe etc.) this season, the focus will be on players who are either likely to play a significant role in the AHL, or potentially move up and down to the NHL throughout the season. If you’re organization’s AHL club team isn’t mentioned, don’t fret, more coverage will be on its way in the coming weeks!


Belleville Senators:

Logan Brown, C

The big playmaking centre reportedly is feeling the best (and fittest) of his entire life coming into training camp season. We all know the Senators aren’t exactly wealthy in terms of offensive options, however Brown should have something to prove (and spots open to grab) if he can show the work ethic and drive that occasionally, have been known to be absent in his game. Looking to gain an edge for camp by his involvement in the Rookie Showcase, this is going to be a big month for Brown. While his offensive tools and size are appealing, he likely needs to mature his overall game still before making serious contributions in Ottawa. Seemingly he would benefit from another season in the AHL – but sometimes I wonder if most of the Senators roster would as well.


Binghamton Devils:

Jesper Boqvist, C

Covering the SHL last season, I was fortunate to get a ton of viewings of Jesper Boqvist, the 36th overall pick of the New Jersey Devils from 2017. One of the unique players on this list who contractually, can go back to Brynas if he doesn’t crack New Jersey out of camp, Boqvist could make things interesting given his smooth skating and creative playmaking style game. New Jersey may have welcomed a wealth of offensive talent over the last