Prospect Ramblings – My Keeper League Draft

Pat Quinn




Happy Thursday to you all, for these ramblings my prospect draft is finally complete in my one pool, and I think I am stuck with my late picks in the other one that is taking forever.


First here are my draft grade ramblings from the past two weeks:

Prospect Ramblings – Team Draft Grades Part 1

Prospect Ramblings – Team Draft Grades Part 2


A little background, this league has been going on since the Tavares draft (I am awful at remembering dates, but after looking it was 2009), and it was 18 teams but we reduced it to 16. It is a head-to-head keep 13 league that’s scoring has evolved over time to G, A, PIM (I know), SOG, H+B, STPs, GWG, W, SV%, SV, SO. We start 3C, 3LW, 3RW, 6D, 2G, 5 reserve, 2 IR, and 20 prospects.


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Background on my team is that I started out very well, I won the league once and finished second twice and usually was a top five finish. Then my team got old and started awfully two years ago and I decided to blow it up and rebuild, because who does not love trading. I may have mentioned this last year but who can remember that far away!


So I went in to the draft before the lottery with picks #1, #4, and #10. I had moved some seconds, one of my firsts and a prospect for Kuznetsov, which was a steal but he also does not contribute a lot to additional stats. It is safe to say I was a little displeased after the lottery (even with my Devils winning the draft) as my picks move to #4, #6, and #11. Yay me.


Before the draft I really needed to address my goaltending as my goalies were Mrazek and Nilsson. Well I jumped at an opportunity after two GMs made a trade giving one GM Binnington to go along with Allen, Price and Schneider. Well I had Husso and know that GM needed some prospect depth (skaters under 120 games and goalies under 80 games count as prospects). Our trade that we settled on saw me send:


  • Pick 11, Ville Husso, and Cody Glass
  • For
  • Cory Schneider and Vitek Vanecek (I also have Samsonov and Blackwood)


So that was one pick moved. I do not know if I need to discuss my reasoning for it, I had to pay for Schneider and luckily I did that before the Devils got Subban. Vanecek is starting to come in to his own and is giving Samsonov a run for his money in the AHL. It will be an incredible battle to watch this year for the Bears that will spill over to full time play for either or both goalie in 2020-2021.


I think needed to address my forwards as I have Andrei Svechnikov under 120 games, so I made a trade for Marchessault where I sent:


  • Jonathan Marchessault and Pick #28
  • For
  • Erik Brannstrom and Pick #6


My reasoning here is that Marchessault is a 60 point LW that shoots a ton, which is good for this league, and with Stone added to Vegas on line two Marchy should have more room in 2019-2020. I do not like Ottawa much anymore for points over the next few seasons as they look to incorporate a lot of young players in to the team. He also has Chabot to deal with for PP time. Pick #6 was a sacrifice I had to make, but pick #28 was fine to get as the 2019 draft was all over the map and picks 12-40 were all around the same value.


Then the draft rolled out, but once we got to pick #29 I made another move. I will show you the draft list and how I grade them:




1.C          St. Louis               Hughes, Jack – NJ

  • A; Hard to go wrong here unless you are already stacked at C, but I would have picked Kakko as awesome wingers are harder to come by. Also he knows I am a Devils fan and everyone here should see the expensive price he wants me to pay!


2.RW     Boston                  Kakko, Kaapo – NYR        

  • A+; Easiest pick in the draft for 2019 in th