Prospect Ramblings – Team Draft Grades Part 1

Pat Quinn



Welcome to the Thursday ramblings where I will give grades to NHL teams based on my opinion of their drafts and highlight what I liked and did not, or what I found interesting. Basically just my thoughts. The scale will be letter grade ratings because I am boring occasionally 


But first here is my good tweet of the week / What the H hockey hall of fame


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Anaheim: B

  • I really loved the Zegras pick and think he slipped, but with the forwards selected he would have been the second/third last one I would have picked (tied with Cozens). He is a top six centre guaranteed
  • Brayden Tracey is a fine pick at #29 but he probably could have went later
  • Jackson LaCombe is a very fun player. Needs to learn defense to make the NHL but his offense skills are amazing
  • No one else really jumped out for me


Arizona: C+

  • They had nine picks and I am never a huge fan of having an abundance for later picks (they had seven past round three) as those players rarely pan out
  • Trading up for Soderstrom was an odd move but again they ended up with nine picks and Arizona pumps money into drafting players, so we should trust them
  • I am an Aku Raty fan and he could be a great pick as a late fifth rounder


Boston: D-

  • John Beecher would be a good pick if you were late in the second and wanted someone who is likely a guaranteed bottom six NHLer
  • I am not a fan of the drafting by Boston much since the Debrusk and no one run of three picks but they seem to just have a plethora of good players in the AHL


Buffalo: B

  • Dylan Cozens is a great pick and Ryan Johnson is a safe pick
  • Erik Portillo is a literal giant at 6-6 and teams love the massive goalies
  • Every other pick was fine lots of skill and speed


Calgary Flames: A-

  • I just felt that every pick was a good pick. Lots of people underrate Jakob Pelletier (me included) and the more I read and see the more I like
  • Calgary only had five picks and drafted zero defensemen
  • Dustin Wolf at pick #214 is crazy, I know goalies are voodoo but I feel he will have the same “becomes the teams #1 goalie prospect in two to three years” trend that Cayden Primeau