Prospect Ramblings: WJC Rosters & 2018 NHL Re-Draft

Jokke Nevalainen



The start of the 2019 World Junior Championship tournament is just nine days away. In case you’ve missed them, Cam Robinson and I have done projected lineups for the six most interesting teams playing there:


I updated the Finnish one on Saturday after it was announced that Jets’ prospect Kristian Vesalainen has declined invitation to the tournament. Team Finland’s head coach confirmed it was player’s decision to focus on his season in the KHL instead.


Another recent change was the concussion suffered by Blackhawks’ prospect Niklas Nordgren on Friday. Unless it was the mildest concussion ever, he is expected to miss the tournament because of it which is a real shame because there would have been prime opportunity available for him this year.


The absence of Vesalainen and Nordgren allows players like Anton Lundell (2020 draft), Jesse Ylönen (MON) and Aarne Talvitie (NJD) to play bigger roles on the team.




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