Consolidated 2019 NHL Draft Rankings – November 2018

Jokke Nevalainen



A lot of independent scouts and scouting agencies have released updated rankings for the 2019 NHL Entry Draft, so now is a good time to put all those rankings together and see how things shake up.


All the rankings used for this are available for free. Here are the ones that were used:


Some popular scouting agencies were excluded because their freely available rankings aren’t deep enough for proper results.


Without further ado, let’s see the results.


 Rank  Player name  POS   NAT  Born  Shoots  League
 1  Jack Hughes  C  USA 2001-05-14  L  USHL
 2  Kaapo Kakko  RW  FIN 2001-02-13  L  Liiga
 3  Vasili Podkolzin  RW  RUS 2001-06-24  L  MHL
 4  Dylan Cozens  C  CAN 2001-02-09  R  WHL
 5  Kirby Dach  C  CAN 2001-01-21  R  WHL
 6  Bowen Byram  D  CAN 2001-06-13  L  WHL
 7  Alex Turcotte  C  USA 2001-02-26  L  USHL
 8  Trevor Zegras  C  USA 2001-03-20  L  USHL
 9  Matthew Boldy  LW  USA 2001-04-05  L  USHL
 10  Peyton Krebs  LW  CAN 2001-01-26  L  WHL
 11  Ryan Suzuki  C  CAN 2001-05-28  L  OHL
 12  Raphaël Lavoie  C  CAN 2000-09-25  R  QMJHL
 13  Philip Broberg  D  SWE 2001-06-25  L  Allsvenskan
 14  Alex Newhook  C  CAN 2001-01-28  L  BCHL
 15  Cole Caufield  RW  USA 2001-01-02  R  USHL
 16  Cam York  D  USA 2001-01-05  L  USHL
 17  Arthur Kaliyev  LW  USA 2001-06-26  R  OHL
 18  Victor Söderström  D  SWE 2001-02-26  R  SuperElit
 19  Matthew Robertson  D  CAN 2001-03-09  L  WHL
 20  Anttoni Honka  D  FIN 2000-10-05  R  Liiga
 21  John Beecher  C  USA 2001-04-05  L  USHL
 22  Jakob Pelletier  LW  CAN 2001-03-07  L  QMJHL
 23  Tobias Björnfot  D  SWE 2001-04-06  L  SuperElit
 24  Simon Holmström  RW  SWE 2001-05-24  L  SuperElit
 25  Nolan Foote  LW  CAN 2000-11-29  L  WHL
 26  Mikko Kokkonen  D  FIN 2001-01-18  L  Liiga
 27  Albin Grewe  RW  SWE 2001-03-22  L  SuperElit
 28  Nils Höglander  LW  SWE 2000-12-20  L  SHL
 29  Alex Vlasic  D  USA 2001-06-05  L  USHL
 30  Spencer Knight  G  USA 2001-04-19  L  USHL
 31  Samuel Poulin  LW  CAN 2001-02-25  L  QMJHL
 32  Kaedan Korczak  D  CAN 2001-01-29  R  WHL
 33  Thomas Harley  D  CAN 2001-08-19  L  OHL
 34  Ryder Donovan  C  USA 2000-10-04  R  USHS
 35  Nicholas Robertson  C/LW  CAN 2001-09-11  L  OHL
 36  Moritz Seider  D  GER 2001-04-06  R  DEL
 37  Bobby Brink  RW  USA 2001-07-08  R  USHL
 38  Marshall Warren  D  USA 2001-04-20  L  USHL
 39  Connor McMichael  C  CAN 2001-01-15  L  OHL
 40  Billy Constantinou  D  CAN 2001-03-25  R  OHL
 41  Daniil Gutik  LW  RUS 2001-08-31  R  MHL
 42  Maxim Cajkovic  RW  SLO 2001-01-03  R  QMJHL
 43  Pavel Dorofeyev  LW  RUS 2000-10-26  L  MHL
 44  Drew Helleson  D  USA 2001-03-26  R  USHL
 45  Josh Williams  RW  CAN 2001-03-08  R  WHL
 46  John Farinacci  C  USA 2001-02-14  R  USHL
 47  Valentin Nussbaumer  LW  SUI 2000-09-25  L  QMJHL
 48  Sasha Mutala  RW  CAN 2001-05-06  R  WHL
 49  Ryan Johnson  D  USA 2001-06-24  L  USHL
 50  Lassi Thomson  D  FIN 2000-09-24  R  WHL



All player data was taken from as usual.


Rankings were consolidated using a simple points system where first place gives you 110 points, 2nd place gives you 109 points, and so on. That also helps create a graph which reveals some tiers that are emerging. Total points on the left, rank number at the bottom.





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Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Matthew Knies 8.5 9.5
Fraser Minten 8.0 8.5
Roni Hirvonen 7.5 7.5
Alex Beaucage 7.0 7.0
Ryan Suzuki 8.5 7.0
Vasili Ponomaryov 6.5 7.5
Domenick Fensore 5.5 4.5
Ivan Morozov 6.5 4.5
Layton Ahac 6.5 6.0
Carter Mazur 6.5 8.0


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