Prospect Ramblings: U18 Championships, CHL Playoffs and Canucks lose two to KHL (Apr 20)

Paul Zwambag


Tryamkin and Larsen - photo courtesy: USA TODAY Sports Images

News broke this morning out of the Canucks organization, Nikita Tryamkin and Philip Larsen have both signed contracts in the KHL for the next year or two. This opens the door for multiple Canucks defense prospects to battle for a spot in training camp this fall.

Nikita Tryamkin is #9 on our Vancouver Top Prospects, this is going to hurt not only the Canucks but also anybody who had him or was on the fringe of having him in their Prospect Pool. Our very own Peter Harling had him in the DobberProspects Fantasy Hockey League (#DPFHL) and is already…

I’m sure there’s many more who will be scavenging to fix their defense prospect depth with this news.

Philip Larsen signing a two-year deal in the KHL opens up a potential NHL roster spot. If the Canucks are going young, which we all presume to be the case, Olli Juolevi, Andrey Pedan,