Prospect Ramblings – Carrying over World Cup Hot Streaks (Oct 2 2016)

Hayden Soboleski


Investigating whether hot streaks will effect regular season point totals in this Sunday Ramblings…


The World Cup has come and gone, with Team Canada taking home the title as expected. Out of the tournament came a number of players who looked absolutely ready to start the NHL season, carrying tons of jump in their step and swagger in their game. But do we think that this "warm-up" of sorts will help actually jump-start their fantasy production once the season kicks off? I wanted to look into this more.


A point to note in this small study is that the World Cup rosters were made up of, for the most part, very good players. Players that are among the best on their respective NHL squads. I'm not wondering here about Denis Seidenberg or Milan Michalek, I'm talking about Big Joe, Sid the Kid, and whether patterns seen here can also be applied to talents like Auston Matthews, who had an outstanding showing against older, more experienced veterans. With that in mind, lets look at the data I'm using to draw my conclusions. My goal here is to find out whether players do witness a "warming up" period as the season starts, using monthly data from the 2015-16 NHL season:


  Points per game
  Thornton Crosby Eichel Kopitar Marchand Perry Forsberg Gaudreau