Prospect Ramblings: The Salary Arbitration period has begun and continues for next two weeks… (Jul 21)

Paul Zwambag


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This time of year, we watch closely on those players who are headed for Salary Arbitration…


***JULY 27 UPDATE – Only Tyson Barrie (Jul 29), Martin Marincin (Aug 3) and Michael Stone (Aug 4) are left unsigned, the rest have settled.

**JULY 25 UPDATE – Brayden Schenn (Jul 25), Peter Holland (Jul 25) and Frank Corrado (Jul 26) have signed.

*JULY 23 UPDATEChris Kreider (Jul 22), Jordan Schroeder (Jul 27) and Kevin Hayes (Jul 27) have signed.



A significant amount of players have already settled there player-elected Salary Arbitration. Players usually don’t like to have someone else decide what their worth is so they end up coming to an amount and length of contract before they even have to make their case in front of an arbitrator. If a player does go to a hearing, the arbitrator will come to a decision; one or two-year contract and a specific amount of money. The team can then decide which contract they would like to sign. Teams can only walk away from a contract if the arbitrator’s decision is more than $3.5M and only on player-elected arbitration. With a team-elected arbitration the player gets to decide what contract they will sign when the arbitrator makes their decision.

A majority of salary disputes get settled prior to the arbitrator’s decision, only three players last year were decided by an arbitrator, Mike Hoffman, Marcus Johansson and Alex Chiasson. There were 25 cases elected last year in total.

24 players have elected Salary Arbitration, with one team electied Salary Arbitration. Below is the list of players who have already settled and the dates of the player’s Salary Arbitration cases.





  Two-year contract worth $1.225M, Cap Hit = $612,500