Louis Nanne

Edric Joseph


Louis Nanne - Photo Courtesy of edinamag.com


Louis Nanne, LW

Shoots: L

Height: 5-11

Weight: 181

Born: 1994-06-18

Hometown: Edina, Minnesota

Drafted: 2012 by the Minnesota Wild, 188th overall







June 2016 – Louis Nanne has been hampered by injury for quite some time however the previous season proved to be a revelation for the 21 year old forward. In 40 appearances for RPI he accumulated 23 points to go with 19 minutes in the sin bin. Though he’ll likely play out the rest of his years of collegiate eligibility before declaring to go pro, Nanne will need to make good use of this time showing he can stay healthy. Furthermore, he’ll need to show he can chip in offensively more often even if only in a depth forward capacity. Edric Joseph

March 2015 – Nanne made a bold move to retract his commitment to play for the University of Minnesota last season and save himself for the Rensselaer Poly Institute (RPI) this season. Being a player coming back from significant shoulder surgery, Nanne on the comeback trail has benefitted by opting to serve as a bigger fish in a smaller collegiate hockey pond. Louis Nanne owns high hockey IQ and comes from a hockey family (his grandfather is former Minnesota North Star general manager Lou Nanne). Nanne is still getting used to playing against better athletes at the NCAA but he is managing to become a good secondary scoring option. Nanne will need to re-establish himself as the sniper he once was in the BCHL. Edric Joseph

Fantasy Outlook: D

Longer shot to make the NHL and the next couple years of college hockey will be a big determining factor of what kind of NHL impact he will be able to make when the time comes.


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