Curt Gogol

Edric Joseph


Gogol courtesy of ESPN

Curt Gogol, LW

Shoots: L

Height: 6-1

Weight: 190

Born: 1991-09-21

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Drafted: Undrafted; signed as a free agent






June 2015- Unsurprisingly, Curt Gogol was sent down to the Alaska Aces due to his abrasive brand of hockey and how it needed some more discipline to be exercised. Nevertheless, Gogol knows his role to be the team sparkplug and embraces it wholeheartedly. In an unexpected turn of events Curt Gogol manages to put up 24 points through 23 games while still remaining a truculent presence on the rink. Only time will tell if this offensively aware Gogol is here to stay. Edric Joseph


December 2014 – There are players on a team that will be there to play the piano, while the others are on the team to carry the piano. As such, based on his body of work it is not unreasonable to draw the conclusion that Curt Gogol carries the proverbial piano. As of this writing, Gogol has two points and 70 minutes through just 10 games of AHL action for the Iowa Wild this season. Gogol has tremendous courage and the truculence to match and makes good use of these assets standing up for his teammates when the game gets out of h