Rossy’s Hockey Prospect Ramblings – April 22nd

Dean Youngblood



Those damn lucky Oilers and McDavid, Ehlers finishes off an outstanding junior career, Leafs draft approach, NHL Mock Drafts and junior players make impact in AHL debuts.


Wednesday, April 22nd


Old news now but with the Edmonton Oilers winning another draft lottery and the rights to draft Connor McDavid….I’m still not sleeping very well. Prior to the draft lottery, I said to my buddies and confessed to my girlfriend, “as long as Edmonton doesn’t end up winning then I am fine with whatever team wins it.”


Yup…I jinxed every other team and the Oilers fans can thank me when Connor McDavid stands in front of their future beautiful rink, next to his statue as one of the all-time greats in Edmonton. My frustration with the Oilers’ luck quickly turned when I started getting threatening angry texts from my buddies in my keeper pool. That’s when I clued in.


Our keeper league has a rule in place where the bottom five teams (of 20) are assigned the corresponding bottom five NHL teams and if one of them wins the lottery, then that guy wins the lotto too. Here’s a little backstory on our league. It’s been running for a decade and I recently decided to try rebuilding on the fly but unfortunately it resulted me in snapping my six-year championship run (obviously, the other guys were happy about that).



As part of my “rebuild” I traded Daniel Sedin prior to last year’s draft for Daniel Alfredsson and a 2015 1st. I knew I’d lose out in the short term but that 1st had a VERY good chance of becoming McDavid if the owner’s team sucked as much as I had thought. He didn’t finish last and for that I am thankfully because 3rd last allowed me to be assigned Edmonton and Connor McDavid! I almost feel guilty ;)


Point of my story…I traded of Daniel Sedin & a 2015 3rd (insignificant) for Connor McDavid.


McDavid will now join the following keepers: Stamkos, P. Kane, Perry, Ja. Benn, Gaudreau, Teravainen, Burakovsky, Subban, Yandle, Hedman.




Wayne Gretzky endorses McDavid saying,

He’s as good as I’ve seen in the last 30 years and “I hope he brings Edmonton a Stanley Cup and he breaks my records … he’s got the talent and the makeup to do it. I hope he leaves a couple for me, though. I could use that.”


Like Gretzky was, McDavid is the classiest and most professional young player to come along in a very long time. The Oilers certainly struck gold oil. With their young core, there should be no more excuses.