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Mac Bennett, D

Shoots: L

Height: 5-11

Weight: 185

Born: 1991-03-25

Hometown: Warwick, Rhode Island

Drafted: 2009 by Montreal, 79th overall







March 2015 – With 11 points in 47 games in his first pro season with the Hamilton Bulldogs, Bennett is producting at about the rate expected of him. That is, despite solid skating and puck-moving ability his point totals are not eye-popping. Even if he manages to secure a depth role in the NHL in a couple years, it is unlikely that he will be worthy for most fantasy leagues. Eric Daoust


March 2014 – Bennett will not play pro hockey this season as he will rehab a shoulder injury to get ready for next year. Eric Daoust


March 2014 – Bennett was signed by the Canadiens to a two-year entry-level contract. Eric Daoust


June 2013 – Mac Bennett is an offensive-minded defenseman who skates very well. He has demonstrated the ability to put up points at the collegiate level with two consecutive seasons above 0.5 points per game. The downside is that he is undersized for a defenseman which will prove to be a major hurdle to overcome on his way to the NHL. He will play his final year at the University of Michigan and will likely need an additional season or two before seeing NHL time. If all goes well he could become a good secondary scoring option on the back end similar to Rafael Diaz on the current Canadiens’ roster. Eric Daoust


Fantasy Outlook: C-

Has the tools to produce points, but size is a concern. A few years away.



Interview with Bennett:


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