Nicolas Deschamps

Jason Banks




Nicolas Deschamps, C

Shoots: L

Height: 6-1

Weight: 182

Born: 1990-01-06

Hometown: Lasalle, QC

Drafted: 2008 by Anaheim Ducks, 35th Overall










December 2013 – Watch out AHL, Nic Deschamps is firing on all cylinders! In his past five games he has recorded 10 points and 23 shots on the net which prompted him to be named ‘AHL player of the Week’. Before December came along, Nic was really struggling with several other Hershey Bears have only 3 points in 12 games, while being a liability many nights. With the Capitals relying on goaltending and basically a first line attack, it would not surprise to see Deschamps recalled in an attempt to ignite secondary production. Most of the Washington wingers are veteran, ‘hard hat’ guys, that would attract some value around the league, a guy like Deschamps could inject more speed and life onto a third line for a period of time while still filling the hard working attitude.  Jason Banks


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April 2013 – After an organizational move to Washington, Deschamps’ production has jumped forward a trend that is developing with him. Deschamps is now one of the few prospects Washington is developing in Hersey.  With Washington’s recent attitude of using cheap fillers on their lower lines, he may have an opportunity next season to make an NHL debut with a strong finish this season and a good camp next fall. Jason Banks


December 2012 – Deschamps’ production has slowed to start this season as his role was reduced to the third line and on a few nights the forth. He has seemed to have a revival in spirit since Leo Komarov departed for the KHL, which has given Deschamps more ice time. That said, healthy scratches may happen more frequently as Spencer Abbott has been pushing for more opportunities. Jason Banks


May 2012 – Deschamps is a mild mannered Quebec native, moving his way up the pro system very effectively.  Deschamps has filled out his frame the last two seasons and is now growing into a complete player. He plays a strong, hardworking game and is not afraid to go into the dirty areas of the ice to create opportunities or get involved. He was plateauing within the Anaheim system, yet in Toronto he is flourishing and has a rather large opportunity to crack the NHL soon.  Since his big move, Deschamps has been on 60-plus point pace in both regular season and playoffs. Because of his playing style, he seems to be able to excel in the post-season. If this continues to hold true into his NHL play, he may be similar to Claude Lemieux or Johan Franzen. His PIM totals are rather low for the nature of his physicality and involvement in a game, but that could change as he is held more accountable for his hits and extracurricular activities. Deschamps has a whole set of tools you will not appreciate until you see him. He will likely see one more complete season in the AHL, but call ups are highly likely to come sooner than later. Jason Banks


Fantasy Outlook:  C


His offence is likely to slow as he moves up, but his involvement and smart play will keep him playing regular minutes on top three lines.




Robert Mayer gives a gift to Deschamps




Nic scores a goal in the second round of AHL playoffs




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