Angelo Esposito

Russ Bitely




Angelo Esposito, C

Shoots: L

Height: 6-0

Weight: 190

Born: 1990-2-20

Hometown: Montreal, Que.

Drafted: 2007 1st round 20th overall – Pittsburgh Penguins








November 2012 – A career of struggles continue for Esposito, as he has resurfaced in Finland for the Pelicans. He has only produced six points in 17 games in a league that is known to play similar style to the North American pros. One bright spot is he is an even rating while most of his team is below par on the plus/minus chart. Also of note Antti Niemi is the only locked-out NHLer Pelicans have used. This means Esposito’s opportunities for ice time has not been hindered on the squad, Jaime McBain has joined the team as of today, but he will also not reduce opportunity.   Jason Banks


July 2012 – It appears the NHL dream has come to an ugly end for Esposito. Dallas has decided not to tender an offer to the former first round pick. In 05-06 Esposito was in conversations of being the top prospect in the 2007 draft. Strength, drive, durability and maturity became a major question and he fell from the top five down to 20th. Injuries, poor attitude, an inept defensive game and inability to translate skills to the pro game buried him. Angelo’s name will likely pop up in Europe or maybe an AHL team may give him a shot as he was just starting to produce a few points at that level.  Jason Banks



April 2012 – Esposito was one of the best talents over the many years to come through the QMJHL and is a former first round draft pick in 2007. He is a skilled playmaker, with exceptional puck handling skills, and skating ability. The problem with Esposito is that unfortunately he has had multiple knee surgeries that has affected his explosiveness and seems his ability to score at the pro level. He is now with his third organization and the one-time opportunity to be a first or second liner is fading fast.


Fantasy Outlook: C-

Esposito is skilled scoring forward although has yet to show his talents at the pro level and time is ticking by.



Angelo Esposito on a breakaway during a prospect camp with Pittsburgh Penguins a few years back.




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Angelo Esposito statistics courtesy of Elite Prospects


Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Ilya Nabokov 6.5 5.0
Pavel Moysevich 6.0 3.0
Max Plante 7.5 4.5
Jack Pridham 6.0 7.0
Brodie Ziemer 6.5 7.0
Matvei Gridin 8.5 6.5
Dean Letourneau 6.5 7.5
Kamil Bednarik 6.0 8.0
Cole Hutson 9.0 6.0
Luke Osburn 5.5 7.0