On this episode of the DraftCast, Tony is joined by Lau …





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On this episode of the DraftCast, Tony is joined by Lauren Kelly from Sportsnet and  Elite Prospects! She can also be found with FC Hockey, On The Sidelines Blog, and Raw Charge.

Lauren joins the show on New Years Day to take a look back at the round-robin of the World Juniors before they look ahead to the Quarterfinals and the elimination rounds! They make their picks for best players of the tournament so far and discuss the hot topics around the WJC! From Byfield and Caufield to a smaller event, Lauren and Tony cover it all!


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Time Stamps:

00:15 Intro

1:00 Get to know Lauren a bit for the audience 

4:10  General Thoughts on the WJC

4:45 Quinton Byfield and Cole Caufield – why do people hate them? 

9:00 Should we reduce the number of teams in the tournament? 

13:10 Sweden’s streak comes to an end! 54 straight round-robin wins until they lost to Russia


Round Robin Review

Group A:

16:00 Switzerland

17:40 Germany

20:45 Slovakia

23:30 Finland

27:57 Canada 


Group B:

33:20 Czech Republic

35:48 Austria

39:00  Sweden

42:28 Russia

49:00 USA


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55:03 QF1 Canada vs Czech Republic

56:55 QF2 Finland vs Sweden

1:00:35 QF3 Russia vs Germany 

1:03:05 QF4 USA vs Slovakia


1:04:35 Medal Round Predictions

1:14:30 Bye Lauren, Thanks for listening!