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Fantasy Summary

High-octane sniper with decent IQ and great compete. Needs to fill out his frame and work on consistency, but could become a top-six winger.


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July 2022 – Neuchev was drafted 74th overall by the Buffalo Sabres. Pat Quinn


May 2022 – Neuchev has been creeping up draft boards as the season went on, mainly due to improving performances. He earned 24 more goals than the second-highest goal-scorer on his team, and 27 more points as well. The prospect also leads all MHL draft-eligibles in goals by 10, and in points by 13.

A dynamic skater with one of the most complete scoring arsenals in this draft, Neuchev can shoot off either leg, off his inside or outside edge, off a one-timer or a curl-and-drag wrister, he can shoot in-stride or from a standstill, and can even poke his way around the net for a goal. His high compete level as well as his decent vision and IQ make his goal-scoring game all the more translatable. There are some concerns regarding consistency and his defensive game, as well as the concern of his level of competition — Neuchev will sometimes play 25 minutes or more a night against truly poor teams, which raises his point totals. He also sits fourth among MHL draft-eligibles for points per game, behind Danila Yurov, Gleb Trikozov and Alexander Perevalov, all three of which are projected to go before him in the 2022 NHL Draft.

Neuchev’s skills in isolation, however, show promise, and at 6-foot-2 and 165 pounds, the prospect should fill out his frame and become physically imposing enough to have a greater impact along the boards. His habits in transition and in the offensive zone give him a high ceiling, topping out as a borderline top-line winger if everything works out. A lot of things need to fall into place for that to happen, though. Hadi Kalakeche