Fantasy Summary

Diminutive forward with outstanding skating ability and good offensive vision. Lack of size and strength could hold him back, but he has the skill to drive offense at the pro level.


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April 2024 – Mukhanov’s season came to an end after the Almaz Cherepovets lost in the MHL playoffs, but this is not where Mukhanov spent most of his season. After his KHL team, Severstal Cherepovets, lost in the KHL playoffs the 18-year old was sent to the MHL, where he quickly proved he might be better than his competition. In the nine games Mukhanov played at the MHL level, he had four goals and two assists for six points in 10 games. But, in the 63 games he played for Severstal, Mukhanov had five goals and nine assists for 14 points. For someone who doesn’t turn 19 until later this year, this was a big year for Mukhanov who showed that he belonged in the KHL. His skating translated like expected, which is good for someone of his size (5-9 and 159 pounds), but his overall play also was good enough to get him both power play and penalty kill time for a Severstal team that made the playoffs. Mukhanov’s contract doesn’t expire in the KHL until 2025-26, so he is still a few years away from potentially seeing the NHL but his play this past season was very inspiring. Nick Bass


June 2023 – Mukhanov was selected 163 overall by the Hurricanes, a complete boom/bust type of player with his small frame but elite skill. Pat Quinn


April 2023 – Mukhanov started his season in the MHL but was promoted quickly to the VHL for Omskie Krylia where he showed he could hold up versus men, despite a very small frame. Mukhanov boasts elite speed and is a very creative player who sees the ice well. He has excellent touch on passes and uses his vision to anticipate where teammates will be and spring them quickly with touch passes in the give-and-go game. The offense didn’t come at the VHL level, but whenever he’s played with his peers, he’s been one of the most dangerous players on the ice. Jordan Harris


November 2022 – Timur Mukhanov has ascended through the Russian hockey ranks over the last year and a half at an impressive pace. What makes his rise more impressive is he has climbed despite his diminutive 5-8 frame. As a 16-year-old, he started his draft-1 season in the U17 league before joining the U18 league and finally becoming a contributor in the MHL U20 junior league. Now, as a first-year draft eligible 17-year-old, he has torched the MHL with well over a point-per-game pace while earning time in the VHL. As of late November, Mukhanov has scored two goals in 12 VHL games and has not looked out of place one bit. Truthfully, the production could be higher if a few breaks went his way.

What Mukhanov lacks in size and strength, he makes up for with excellent skating ability. Mukhanov engages his quick-twitch muscles and accelerates rapidly, getting up to full speed in a hurry. His top-end speed is also considered strong, which he uses to consistently blow past opposing players who found out the hard way that they took poor angles or routes to defend him. Mukhanov is a separator, but he doesn’t just separate using his incredible speed. Mukhanov can stop suddenly and change directions leaving defenders in his tracks. He gets low in his stance to make very sharp turns, allowing him another avenue to gain separation. Opposing players are in a challenging situation as they have to respect his speed, but they are caught selling out for the fastball that they are ill-prepared for the changeup.

Another reason why Mukhanov has been such a great junior player and capable pro-league player is his combination of skill, vision, and passing. Mukhanov is a play connector in the truest sense. Whether he transports the puck up the ice and distributes it to a teammate in the offensive end or he makes a one-touch pass in the neutral zone to spring his teammate for a rush opportunity, Mukhanov is always connecting play to his teammates. Mukhanov is a scanner who reads his situation prior to receiving a pass, so he knows what he needs to do next. He makes quick decisions and plays with excellent pace, something that is still noticeable going from the MHL to the bigger, faster competition in the VHL. Mukahnov’s passing is also a noticeable asset for him. He is accurate and effective in making more difficult but rewarding passes and setting up teammates for scoring opportunities.

Mukhanov does have some parts to his game that are either inconsistent or require development. He is not a physical player by any means and can get outmuscled by opposing players fairly easily. Luckily, he mitigates this weakness by being much quicker and smarter than most of his opponents, but it would be nice if Mukhanov could win in more diverse ways in games where he isn’t at his best. He really needs to get bigger and add more strength to his frame. Mukhanov has had some goals that have been absolute snipes, but his shot isn’t always threatening. In some viewings, the puck just didn’t explode off his stick with the same force it did in previous viewings. Additionally, he’s had trouble getting pucks to the net in some games, and his accuracy has wavered. Since Mukhanov has shown that his shot can be an asset at times, one would expect that consistency will come with time. 

Mukhanov is yet another great prospect to come out of the Omsk system joining fellow draft mates, Mikhail Gulyayev and Denis Malov. He is a high-octane offensive player with excellent vision and a great mind. His size will certainly put some risk in his NHL projection, but he boasts several other high-level skills and attributes combined with fantastic skating to mitigate some of the risks around his size and strength. He is a decent player defensively, but this will probably never be where he earns his paycheck. If Mukhanov can get bigger and stronger while building on the rest of his great skills, he could be an effective offensive distributor in the top-six and be a setup man on the powerplay unit. Jordan Harris

Fantasy Upside 8.0
NHL Certainty 7.0
Country RUS
Position C
Roster Type Europe
Shoot/Glove Right
Date of Birth June 17, 2005
Height 5‘8”
Weight 170 lbs
Drafted 2023 Round 6; Overall: 163


 Season Team League GP G A TP PIM      Playoffs GP G A TP PIM 
 2018-2019 Team Center U14Districts Cup U148 4 1115 14|        
 2019-2020 Vityaz Podolsk U16Russia U161 0 00 0|        
  Team Center U15Districts Cup U158 9 1120 2|        
 2020-2021 Team Siberia U16Districts Cup U167 4 48 8|        
  Avangard Omsk U16Russia U1625 16 2945 14|        
  Avangard Omsk U17Russia U17 Finals7 1 45 0|        
  Avangard Omsk U17Russia U172 0 11 0|        
 2021-2022 Avangard Omsk U17Russia U1716 8 715 12|Playoffs7 4 48 10 
  Yastreby Omsk U18Russia U184 0 44 4|        
  Russia U18EYOF4 1 23 0|        
  Omskie YastrebyMHL15 1 45 6|Playoffs1 0 00
 2022-2023 Avangard OmskKHL1 0 00 0|        
  Omskie KryliaVHL31 4 48 10|        
  Omskie YastrebyMHL15 8 917 8|Playoffs9 1 01
 2023-2024 Severstal CherepovetsKHL60 5 914 8|Playoffs3 0 00
  Almaz CherepovetsMHL2 0 11 2|Playoffs8 4 15
 2024-2025 Severstal CherepovetsKHL- - -- -|