Fantasy Summary

Drafted late he is currently a boom or bust type of player. As of now he appears to be on track to become a fast skating bottom six forward


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September 2021 – Gersich will look to finally start producing better in the AHL in hopes to get to the NHL. He has NHL speed and skating but the rest has not shown up enough for him to be called up, or given a top line role. His 0.59 point per game is the best of his AHL career, and he is top five in scoring on Hershey, but he is not taking the AHL by storm. There may be a team out there that could give him a bottom six shot but it seems more likely that he will play overseas of the AHL for a long time. Pat Quinn


March 2021 – Gersich has played fine to start this AHL season. He has three points in 12 games but is only playing in the bottom six. He is shooting even less than last season (1.41 last year to 1.17 this season) and is really only using his speed to forecheck and try to set up plays. If he is not going to shoot then defenders know his game, especially if he ever gets an NHL chance. Right now he does not look like he will have an impactful NHL career, but he may still have hope for a bottom six forechecking role. Pat Quinn


August 2020 – Gersich was invited to Capitals training camp for the restart of the season but was ultimately not invited to Toronto. Gersich will likely wait until the NHL/AHL training camp starts to hopefully make the Capitals full-time, but it is much more likely he stays in the AHL. Pat Quinn


March 2020 – With the AHL paused, Gersich is sitting with 18 points in 54 games which is a total regression from his first season where he had 24 points in 66 games. He was stuck in the bottom six for most of the season as the coaching staff appears to