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Fantasy Summary

His playing style lends itself beautifully to the 1-3-1 powerplay format, he has the makings of a real menace on that count.


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May 2022 – Signing his ELC after the completion of his Junior year at Western Michigan, Ronnie Attard received a brief taste of the NHL game. Playing in 15 games of failed Flyers season, Attard demonstrated his inexperience early, making some crucial mistakes he was able to overcome at the collegiate level. However, he progressed well as he continued to accrue ice-time, displaying an ability to learn from his early mishaps. Possessing quality tools that make an effective NHL defenseman, the key for Attard is to put it all together and adapt to the pace of the professional game. Of all the Flyers’ prospects receiving a look at the end of the 2021-22 season, Attard is the most obvious in need of seasoning in the AHL. Expect him to start the 2022-23 campaign in Lehigh Valley with Philadelphia taking a patient approach to his development. John Gove


October 2019 – Ronnie Attard is looking like he belongs in the early going of his freshman year for Western Michigan. He is being given rather sheltered minutes so far given the talent ahead of him on the Western Mic