Fantasy Summary

Versatile forward with power elements to his game. Has displayed some offensive upside and has a relatively safe floor as an NHL forward in some capacity.


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July 2022 – Schaefer has been selected by the Edmonton Oilers with the final pick in the first round of the 2022 NHL Draft. Nick Richard

May 2022 – Schaefer can best be described as a modern-day power forward. He is willing to go to the dirty areas, score goals in-tight, and isn’t one to back down from a physical challenge. Showing promising development, he has scored at a decent rate this season after hardly producing in his first WHL campaign. Hard to miss, the 6-3, 214 pound winger plays a heavy, powerful game and is very tough to play against. Using powerful, long strides, Schaefer is able to get up to speed with the game when he gets his wheels turning, and is agile enough to stay on the forecheck and make quick stops and turns. Combine this with his energy and effort on every shift, and you can see why he is a thorn in the side of his opponents. This style of play is not fun to play against, as he is able to pressure defenders on the forecheck easily and make their jobs difficult. Schaefer is a versatile power forward, however as he plays on both the powerplay and penalty kill. Utilizing his big frame and long reach, he can disrupt powerplay breakouts and take away pass