Fantasy Summary

Speed kills and that’s Highmore’s biggest asset as it puts him into great positions on the ice to score. For leagues that are deeper, Highmore shoots the puck a lot and does not hesitate to throw a hit or block a shot.


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April 2021 – Highmore has been traded to the Vancouver Canucks for Adam Gaudette. Highmore has been up-and-down throughout his young career. The Canucks seem to think there is some untapped potential in the 25-year-old but it is a curious move for the Canucks as they got older for seemingly no reason. It’s a swing on a player that they hope could turn into a player similar to Adam Gaudette but older. This almost makes the question of “Why do this?” all the more prominent. Tony Ferrari 

February 2021- Highmore seems to be sitting firmly on the line between being a full-time NHL’er and a star in the AHL. He looks good in limited minutes when he’s called on but hasn’t produced enough offense to keep him in the lineup. This is the year that all the young prospects in the organization seem to be getting chances so it’s important that he start producing. Tony Carr

October 2020- Highmore’s stock rose substantially during the play-in round and playoffs this season. While he was still in a bottom-six role, he did chip in with s