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4th liner not expected to provide fantasy relevance


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October 2019 – Despite added depth making it a highly contested roster spot, Gauthier has once again earned himself a 4th-line role with the Leafs to start the 2019-20 campaign. His responsible, non-flashy play in all three zones has won the trust of coach Babcock, so its very unlikely he gets sent back to the AHL anytime soon. Expect a similar pace in all categories to the end of the 2018-19 season, where his wingers helped give him pass-able multi-category value but nothing more than a depth rotation option. Hayden Soboleski


February 2019 – Gauthier has officially carved himself into the 4C role full-time. That’s not to say he’s irreplaceable, but owners can expect his current pace of 8 points in 42 games to continue for the rest of this season. His hit numbers (54 so far) might make him slightly fantasy-worthy in deep leagues, but even in a full-time role he lacks notable SOG, blocks, or PIM numbers. Hayden Soboleski


October 2018 – Despite blowing previous shots at the 4C role o