Fantasy Summary

Slight-framed, athletic netminder with explosive lateral movements and great reflexes. Could use some technical refining and improvements in his puck-tracking, but might turn into a starting goaltender with the right development.


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July 2022 – Silverstein went undrafted in the 2022 NHL Draft. Nick Richard

January 2022 – Silverstein’s game revolves around his slighter frame. Aggressive on lone shooters and very mobile, the California native’s lower-body flexibility allows him to close off the post on last-ditch efforts, as well as spread out to cover as much of the bottom-half of the net as a larger netminder would. His edgework has a fluidity about it, both when bracing for shots and when tracking pucks moving laterally, which could translate well. The main knock on Silverstein, and the main reason why he’s likely to be a late-round pick, is a lack of technique which leaves holes in his coverage. His style is very unorthodox and he can lose track of pucks after throwing himself at cross-ice shots, but has a great tendency to stay with the pucks he sees.<