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Depth goalie with no future in fantasy hockey leagues.


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February 2022- As fans of the Seattle Kraken, and fantasy hockey in general reacted to the entry draft selections the Kraken made, the one piece that was frequently said was how hard the team would be to play against, with hungry, defensively responsible forwards, hulking, defensive stalwarts on the back end, and Phillipp Grubauer, Vitek Vanacek, and Chris Driedger tending twine. The Kraken have lived up to one promise, as their scoring chances against, for, and shots against per 60 are some of the lowest rates in the league. Had we been given this information from the future when the season began, we’d be able to justify seeing models having the Kraken contending for the cup. The goaltending of Grubauer and Driedger has been abysmal, with the Kraken having some of the worst team save percentage despite the lack of shots and scoring chances against. The defense are doing what they were brought in to do, and Driedger and Grubauer aren’t helping. Dreidger has been a rate stats darling across his NHL career in small samples, and in fairness, he’s only played 12 games t