Fantasy Summary

Highly skilled and intelligent playmaking pivot who can play a physical game. Needs to add some quickness but he already processes the game at an elite level and has potential as a top-six NHL center who drives offense.


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September 2022 – Calum Ritchie is a unique player; his game is based around a combination of high-end intelligence and high-end playmaking, with a high motor and intensity. He sees plays few other CHL players do and he executes them with great effectiveness. Whether it be a perfectly weighted cross-ice pass for an odd-man rush or a weaving off-puck route that ends with him in the slot in the blindspots of all the opposition’s defenders, Ritchie tilts the ice in his team’s favor by strategically outmaneuvering his opponents. This isn’t to say that he lacks tools, however, just that his mind shines brightest. Ritchie has very good hands and uses them effectively to manage possession and open passing lanes. His shot itself is good, not great, but what makes him a real and projectable scoring threat is that he consistently gets in position to best use it. The passing ability, though, is a standout quality; he understands passing angles very well and has the ability to hit more complex passes flawlessly, whether it be a long-range bank pass or a weighted pass into open ice.

His edgework is a positive, for sure, as is his agility, but his acceleration needs work. He hits a good top speed after four strides but