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Fantasy Summary

A true power forward with a good offensive toolset. Strong puck mover on the powerplay, but refuses to shoot. Needs to add more muscle to fill himself out.


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March 2024 – In his first full season in North America, Trineyev has adjusted well to the game. The Bears are using him in a bottom-six role, which is reflective of his first year totals. Trineyev has just 14 points in 48 games, but he is used more for his defensive play. He has also missed nine games due to injury or scratches, as Hershey has a lot of players this season, but the coaching staff does prefer to have him in the lineup than outside. Trineyev will eventually be moved up the lineup as he develops more into a middle-six winger, that just may come next season in the AHL. To do that though Trineyev needs to be more offense driven by shooting the puck more, current with 69 shots, and driving the net with his frame. Pat Quinn


September 2023 – Trineyev showed well in training camp but was sent down to play with the Hershey Bears. It was expected and he should mainly play there for a few seasons. Pat Quinn


August 2023 – Trineyev will be playing 2023-24 in North America as he is in the second year of his ELC and not loaned to the KHL. He stood out at the Capitals training camp as his development has been very positive. Trineyev could be a dark horse call up option has he has played against men primarily in the KHL for 2022-23. The Hershey Bears have a roster with a lot of players, so there will be quite a bit on competition for Trineyev in the AHL. Pat Quinn


March 2023 – Trineyev finished up his first full(ish) year in the KHL with Dynamo Moskva, as the only game she played outside the KHL were two in the VHL. He dealt with being a scratch and getting hurt occasionally this season. Trineyev also finished 15th in scoring with 13 points in 39 games, a pretty good total for a 20 year old (21 in early March). In five playoff games Trineyev has two assists as his team is currently down 3-2, but it is nice to see him get trusted enough to play more than just the 14 seconds young players usually get. Trineyev is rounding in to his 6-3 form quite well, and has the ability to still become a bottom six forward with his size and speed, if the top six scoring does not come to fruition. Pat Quinn


September 2022 – Trineyev finished 2021-22 playing for Dynamo Moskva’s MHL and KHL teams. In the KHL he saw no points and no real ice time in 11 games, and in the MHL He had 18 points in 21 games, with 15 of those being assists. To start 2022-23 Trineyev is playing on the KHL squad, on loan as he signed his ELC with Washington this off season, where he has two assists in four games. He is being trusted more than last season on his team as he is quite good defensively. Trineyev is moving up the prospect depth chart rapidly. Pat Quinn


January 2022 – Trineyev has had an injury plagued start to 2021-2022 in Russia. He injured his wrist in preseason action in the VHL for Dynamo and missed the first month of the season. He returned to play 10 MHL games, registering six assists, and was promoted to the KHL with Dynamo Moskva. He has played in 11 games having no points as he is not afforded a lot of ice time, which is the case with many young players in the KHL. Trineyev was also cut from the “playing in Russia only” Team Russia World Junior Championship team, but he was behind the other players that were taken due to his early injury and how long it can take to get your shot/stick-handling correct after an injured wrist. Pat Quinn


May 2021 – Trineyev’s 2020-2021 season in Russia was a typical one for a young prospect almost too good for the MHL but not really ready for the other leagues. He had 30 points in 30 MHL games for MHK Dynamo Moskva, but once he had to play in the VHL the production dropped to two points in 22 games. Trineyev was not afforded much ice time in the VHL with Dynamo Krasnogorsk and that did not give him a lot to work with development-wise. In three KHL games for Dynamo Moskva he had no points and no ice time. Next season Trineyev will play in the VHL for the same Dynamo Krasnogorsk and should be more of a factor. Pat Quinn


October 2020 – Trineyev was drafted 117th overall by the Capitals. Trineyev is expected to spend at least two more years in Russia before crossing the pond.  Pat Quinn


July 2020 – Trineyev is a very good passer of the puck and skater, but struggles quite a lot on offense. He is most noticeable on breakouts and moving the puck into the opponents’ half of the ice, as he can fling passes around with ease or use his speed and unpredictability to move past defenders. Despite standing at 6-foot-3, Trineyev doesn’t have any issues with moving up and down the ice and has the agility to make quick turns and switch gears. Moving into the offensive zone, he assumes the power forward role and thrives by creating space for himself. He’s a hard-worker and puts all of his effort in on all of his shifts. This shows in his strong forechecking ability and how he gravitates to puck battles along the boards. Not everything is positive, though. Although he is a tall player, he lacks the muscle to play a physically strong game. He gets shoved around at times in areas where he should be able to hold his own, like in the crease waiting for a tip or rebound. He also struggles with his stickhandling which leads to his body moving faster than his hands and overskating the puck. On the powerplay, it seems he’s afraid to shoot the puck and opts to pass it to lower danger areas rather than putting it on net himself. There’s plenty of time for him to put on some muscle to full out his height and, as he plays against higher-end competition, there’s a good chance he’ll develop into an even better skater and be able to control the puck easier. Trineyev is a really smart player and can lead any line that he plays on, which accompanied by his size and potential, means that there’s a lot of value hidden in him.  Dylan Griffing

Fantasy Upside 5.0
NHL Certainty 8.0
Country RUS
Position RW
Roster Type Minors
Shoot/Glove Right
Date of Birth March 4, 2002
Height 6‘2”
Weight 198 lbs
Drafted 2020 Round 4; Overall: 117


 Season Team League GP G A TP PIM      Playoffs GP G A TP PIM 
 2015-2016 Team Center U14Districts Cup U146 3 58 4|        
 2016-2017 Dynamo Moskva Selects U15WSI U157 3 14 0|        
  Team Moskva U15Districts Cup U156 3 69 6|        
 2017-2018 Dynamo Moskva U16Russia U161 1 01 0|        
  Dynamo Moskva U17Russia U173 0 00 0|        
  Dynamo Moskva U18Russia U181 0 00 0|        
  Dynamo Moskva U17Russia U17 Finals6 1 23 0|        
  Russia U16 (all)International-Jr8 2 57 -|        
 2018-2019 Dynamo Moskva U17Russia U1714 3 69 24|        
  Dynamo Moskva U17Russia U17 Finals7 3 710 4|        
  Dynamo Moskva U18Russia U182 3 25 2|Playoffs3 1 23
  Dynamo Moskva U18Russia U18 Finals7 3 36 6|        
  MHK Dynamo MoskvaMHL23 1 89 20|        
  Russia U17EYOF3 0 00 0|        
  Russia U17 (all)International-Jr7 3 14 0|        
 2019-2020 Dynamo KrasnogorskVHL1 0 00 0|        
  MHK Dynamo MoskvaMHL36 12 1426 8|Playoffs2 0 00
  Russia U18 (all)International-Jr7 2 35 4|        
  Russia U18Hlinka Gretzky Cup4 2 24 2|        
 2020-2021 Dynamo MoskvaKHL3 0 00 2|        
  Dynamo KrasnogorskVHL22 1 12 27|Playoffs0 0 00
  MHK Dynamo MoskvaMHL33 15 1530 16|Playoffs14 3 69
 2021-2022 Dynamo MoskvaKHL11 0 00 4|Playoffs9 0 11
  MHK Dynamo MoskvaMHL21 3 1518 4|Playoffs1 0 11
  Hershey BearsAHL0 0 00 0|Playoffs2 0 00
 2022-2023 Dynamo MoskvaKHL39 2 1113 12|Playoffs5 0 22
  Dynamo St. PetersburgVHL2 0 00 0|        
  Hershey BearsAHL2 0 00 0|        
 2023-2024 Hershey BearsAHL62 9 716 18|