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Mark is an all-things hockey rambler—a DobberProspects Scout covering the Winnipeg Jets. In fantasy hockey, it’s all in on dynasty leagues; never afraid to make a trade, constantly building in preparation for the next move. Follow him on X @markrhenry

Organizational Rankings 21. Winnipeg Jets

By |2024-04-16T11:59:04-04:00April 15th, 2024|Feature Story|

21. Winnipeg Jets – 69.0 Last Season Rank: 10 Top 15 Prospects: Individual Breakdown: The Winnipeg Jets made five selections in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, and four made the top 15 2024 DobberProspects organizational rankings. Colby Barlow (2), Jacob Julien (9), Thomas Milic (10) and Connor Levis (14) made the top 15, with [...]

Organizational Rankings 22. Boston Bruins

By |2024-04-12T19:04:17-04:00April 14th, 2024|Feature Story|

22. Boston Bruins – Score: 67.5 Last Season Rank: 29 Top 15 Prospects: Individual Breakdown: The Boston Bruins' 2022 2nd-round pick (54th overall), Matthew Poitras, played in 33 games as a rookie, producing five goals and ten assists with 111 FOW, and was seeing time on the powerplay before his season came to an [...]

Organizational Rankings 25. Vegas Golden Knights

By |2024-04-12T19:10:35-04:00April 13th, 2024|Feature Story|

25. Vegas Golden Knights – 64.9 Last Season Rank: 25 Top 15 Prospects: Individual Breakdown: Pavel Dorofeyev has established himself as a full-time NHL player, health permitting. In 41 games, he has 20 points (12 goals and eight assists). Brendan Brisson earned call-ups during the 2023-23 season (14 games with Vegas) and does not look [...]

August 32-in-32: Winnipeg Jets

By |2023-08-31T12:32:07-04:00September 2nd, 2023|32-in-32 Series|

*** Welcome to the August edition of the DobberProspects 32-in-32 Series. This month, we are diving into the depth of each organization, looking at their recent graduates, risers, fallers and top-20 prospects. *** The Winnipeg Jets have had a quiet off-season, except for the Pierre-Luc Dubois trade. They struggle to attract and retain top talent, [...]

July 32-in-32: Philadelphia Flyers

By |2023-07-20T22:44:42-04:00July 22nd, 2023|32-in-32 Series|

*** The 32-in-32 Series is an annual event here at DobberProspects! Every day in July we will be bringing you a complete breakdown of a team’s Draft, and insights into their off-season movements thus far. Following this up in August, we will dive into every team’s prospect depth charts with fantasy insights and implications for [...]

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