Prospect Ramblings – A Tale of Two Giants

Aaron Itovitch


Well.. it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a prospect ramblings, but what better time to resume these bad boys than now — Early September — Prime hockey season.

The KHL kicked off a few days ago, and I’ve been having a great time watching top Matvei Michkov get… absolutely 0 gameplay. My two favourite KHL teams, however, faced off last night.

Torpedo and Loko are highlighted by some of my favourite prospects in all of hockey. Torpedo has 20-year-old Habs draft pick Bogdan Konyushkov playing 1D minutes, and Loko has the one and only Dmitri Simashev.

While Simashev was already considered a giant at 6’4″, Coyotes GM Bill Armstrong has revealed he is actually measuring in at 6’7″. Players who are 6’7″ and skate as gracefully as Simashev aren’t just rare; they’re unheard of. Simashev’s teammate, and 12th overall pick Daniil But is even taller, measuring in at a whopping 6’8″.

It’s no secret that I was a massive fan of Simashev this year, ranking him sixth on my personal board. As for But, I was more skeptical, but I can’t pretend a 6’8″ behemoth doesn’t excite me a little bit.

While Simashev was 7D and But 13F in Loko’s debut, it will be very exciting to see what this season brings for the two giants. The future in Arizona is looking pretty scary, and I can’t imagine teams will be excited to match up against this duo in the future.


Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Timur Mukhanov 8.0 7.0
Alexander Pashin 7.0 2.5
Felix Unger Sörum 7.5 8.5
Charles-Alexis Legault 4 6.5
Alexander Pelevin 3 2
Tyler Tucker 5.0 6.0
Matt Kessel 4.0 7.5
Aatu Räty 8.0 7.0
Jackson Blake 6.0 6.0
Ryan Ufko 7.0 6.0