Prospect Ramblings: Sell High or Buy Low on World Junior Stocks

Pat Quinn




Welcome to the Thursday Prospect Ramblings the day after the World Junior Championship concluded. Who does not love the tournament, such great games. No, some teams should not be cut out, let them represent their countries. I would prefer more countries join in hopes to grow hockey. It would lead to years of blow outs, sure, but countries would work to improve and we could possibly have the best WJC ever with all teams competitive.

For these ramblings I want to channel my inner Jeff Angus and let you know which prospects stock has risen and which has fell. If you added some prospects that took part (serious, always add a few) you could sell them high to other GMs, and if you want a top prospect who produced poorly, now is your chance to grab them.


Here is my #GoodTweet of the week:





Sell High


Trevor Zegras (ANA)

Why on earth would I put Zegras who just posted 18 points in seven games and dominated the tournament? It is because everyone I have seen is treating him like the next coming of a top five NHL player. If you are in a keeper league